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[UPDATE : March 2009 - It is possible to make a lot of money using Adsense even beginners can do it and if you are retired it is also a good idea as you will at least have the time it takes, but now I have finally learned the great secret of how to make money using Adsense I shall be putting it into practice - although it might require the creation of a new blog ! check out How to Earn Money Online ]

This stuff below is all very old and Adsense has changed since I wrote it so I suggest you save yourself some time and click on the link above and skip to the chase ]

Well, it took me about two hours of going round in circles, but I finally managed to add Adsense ads. to my blog. Why are FAQs so inadequate, infuriating or even worse! To add Adsense to your blog (this is for newbies like myself, not the old 'pros') first you need an Adsense account (which I had already) then on the page where your blog is displayed click on 'customize' (in the top right corner) then click on Template then click on ' add a page element' this opens up (in a pop-up window) a list of stuff you can add, one of which is Adsense, so click 'Add to Blog' you are then asked a couple of security questions and if you get the answers right you get to choose the sort of Adsense banner you want - I went for the 120 x 600 vertical banner on the right hand side and half banner at the bottom . All very easy when you know how, but nothing like what is written in the FAQ! If anyone needs help you are welcome to contact me via the email address at the top of the page.

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