Ebay Affiliate Program

Make Money Online for Beginners

If you are interested in making money online then up an Ebay affiliate account is a possibility, but I no longer recommend it, now I believe you are better off just creating a free blog with blogger and learning how to make money online from blogging, please check out my more recent posts.

. Basically you earn money by referring people to Ebay if they subsequently click on items in auctions. Sounds interesting - people even write Ebooks about it, which you don't need to read as all the information is available on the Ebay site. Not strictly domain monetization but you can buy and sell domain names on Ebay so not totally off-topic either. Trouble with Ebay is it seems to be run by robots, very difficult to get a clear answer to anything! Watch this space.

Well it seems to be up and running - just got to figure out how to make best use of it. If Ebay is to be believed some people make a fair amount - we will see how true that turns out to be!

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