Interesting Interview about .mobi Domains

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An interesting interview with Pinkard Alan Brand (yes that is his real name) about the .mobi extension

(Q 2) What did you do before working in dotMobi?, How do you begin in the domaining world?

A. In the 80s I worked in the television news and advertising industries. In the 90s I became an entrepreneur and started investing in a variety of businesses. In 1996 I became very interested in the domain name industry literally after seeing the original InterNIC WHOIS site in the middle of the night. The next day I co-founded a ccTLD registration company called idNames that I later sold to Network Solutions when they were still a monopoly. This company went from $0 to $33 million in annual revenue in 4 years. In 2002 I co-founded a corporate domain name registrar called Arcemus that we later sold to Iron Mountain. It does millions in annual revenue as well. Again, you can obtain information on my background and history in the domain name industry by visiting my personal sites at or on mobile at .

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