Successful Name Change - Hooray !

Make Money Online Blogging

In my heroic efforts to make money online blogging I finally managed to change the name of the blog so that it is now called Net Monetization - well done me ! I probably did something wrong but Godaddy could have been more helpful. I finally sorted it out by comparing one of my other domain names with this domain name to see what the difference was and where I had gone wrong.

The blogger instructions seem to be correct but for some reason I ended up with two DNS servers and had to delete one of them, but of course when you are new to this game these things are not immediately apparent. However, I got there in the end so I recommend to other bloggers that they give it a go and change the name of their blog by choosing 'settings' - 'publishing' and clicking on 'custom domain' then following the instructions given by blogger. You will need to buy a domain from someone like godaddy or moniker - cost around $8.

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