The Truth about the Situation

Make Money Online for Beginners

This is my first post on blogger and I don’t really know what I'm doing, but in my attempt to discover how to make money online I am ready for anything !

I originally wrote this in but then discovered in their FAQ that you can't put adsense ads. on the free wordpress service (if that is incorrect someboyd please correct my misinterpretation). As I want to put ads. on my blog I have moved over to 'blogger' which positively encourages you to use adsense, which I will be doing once I've finished writing this.

The aim of this blog is to write about ‘domain monetization’ and to see if it is possible to make money from domain names. At this point in time (Sunday 18th Feb. 2007 20:40 hours in the UK) I really don’t know what I’m doing. I find blogs strangely confusing and getting useful information very difficult. I’ve been reading up on blogs for a couple of weeks, but in my experience you only really learn by doing, so I’m doing. I will document what I learn and let the world know how it goes and if it works out. Not because I think the world is particularly interested in me, but so as I can keep a record of what happens, and also because if I can do it then ANYBODY can do it! I’m a reasonably intelligent sort of guy, who has been to university (modern languages) but I know very little about how the Internet or computers work and I have one great disadvantage, I am the laziest person I have ever known. I certainly don’t recommend laziness as a way of getting on in this world, but hey, if you’re lazy you’re lazy, and if YOU are lazy then you’ll know what I mean. I’ve been lazy all my life and it has created lots of problems and got me into all sorts of trouble with the other 'unlazy' types. In my experience ‘unlazy’ people don’t like lazy people and by and large it’s ‘unlazy’ people that rule, ’cause we lazy sods generally can’t muster enough energy to give a sh*t (the asterisk is there in case there are any young and impressionable minds that stumble across this!).

Anyway, enough about me, let’s get on with the ‘domain name monetization’ caper. A domain name, in case you need to know, is what you might call a website name e.g. How do you make money from domain names? As I understand it at the moment there are 2 ways. 1) You register a name with a registrar such as (cost between 7 and 40 USD - or you can buy a name that has already been registered, from someone else, but you will probabl pay more for it) you then ‘park’ your domain with a ‘parking company’ (free) such as NameDrive. The parking company allows you to create a ready-made website full of adverts (by clicking on templates - easy to do and free) . Surfers somehow find their way to your website and click on an advert and you get around 10 cents per click. So all you need is 10 million clicks and you’re a dollar millionaire! I started doing this around 3 weeks ago, it’s cost me around 60 USD registering a variety of domain names e.g. ‘campingabroad’ and so far has made me around 35 USD. Advantages - it’s easy and requires minimum effort. Disadvantages - income seems low unless you manage to get some good names (i.e. generic names people type into the address window such as ‘’); all the ‘good’ names were registered long ago (so they say); some but not all parking companies say you can’t promote your domain names in any way (either directly or indirectly).

2) Register a domain name for x USD then re-sell it either privately or via auction for xxxxxxxx USD. Advantages - bigger bucks are possible (see Disadvantages - a bit hit and miss.

Points to note : best sites to register at the moment are .coms (i.e. a name that ends in .com, they are more widely used than .ca, .cn, .fr etc…) but equally it is more difficult to find good names. Some people say that the future is in .tv, .mobi, .cc so bear this in mind, good names with these extensions have not all been registered so you can register a name and hope that the extension you chose (.tv, .mobi etc..) becomes popular and prices go up. There are also legal constraints regarding trademarks etc… e.g. someone recently decided to register and now Ringo Starr’s people have decided to sue, so check out the legal situation before you jump into something that seemed like a good idea at the time. Someone else has just registered - can you have a trademark on a number? There is some debate on this matter. Personally it sounds like too much hassle to me, so I shall be sticking to stuff that is generic.
For futher info. check out specialized forums such as or

Well I’ll ‘publish’ this now (it’s getting long) and see where it goes.

What is the title the ‘The Truth about the Situation’ all about? It refers to this :-
In 1907 Ramana Maharshi, who had been living in silence on Arunachala in Southern India, broke his ten year silence. In answer to a question about the nature of the mind, ego and truth he said :-
“If one watches whence this notion of ‘I’ springs, the mind will be absorbed into that.” - Ramana Maharshi, 18th November 1907, 1.30 p.m. These were the first words he had uttered for 10 years, so I think it is safe to assume he thought they were important.
So I leave that to you to figure out. I'm off to figure out how to put adsense on this blog.

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