What are Premium Names ?

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Buying and selling premim domain names is one way of making money online.

Ever wondered what people mean when they talk about 'premium names'? Me too.

Well here is a list of what are defined as premium names in the .mobi domain. How do we know they are premium names? Because they are being auctioned as premium names on March 7 in Las Vegas and are expecte4d to go for big bucks. (Sportsbook.mobi sold for $129,800 on 16 January).

The names are (although they may be changed at dotMobi's discretion) :-

"airfare," "areacodes," "cam," "casinos," "creditscore," "directions," "eat," "libre," "loancalculator," "models," "newmusic," "pics," "pizza," "realestate" and "singles."

basically generic names that presumably are not trademarked. In fact "a compilation of commonly used words and phrases which dotMobi has set aside for equitable allocation as an alternate to the traditional "first come, first serve" procedure."

If you look at the equivalent .coms you get some interesting information. For example I would have thought that 'airfares' was more interesting as a domain name than 'airfare' . Both sites exist - but airfare.com is ranked 47,211 on Alexa while airfares.com is ranked 4,763,440 - illogical?

Areacodes.com is ranked 648,057 while areacode.com is ranked 988,645 - but they both appear to be parked domains - areacodes takes you to massachusetts.com on Alexa (even though areacodes.com does exist) . Maybe they are making pots of money as parked domains? If not I can't see why areacodes.mobi would get the large amount at auction they are clearly hoping for. Watch this space!

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