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Statistics are important if you are trying to make money online. You need to know who is visiting your blog and why. Clicky shows you in real time who is looking at your blog.

Clicky is now out of beta since 13 March. It may sound like a strange marsupial that clicks out its messages to warn its human friends of danger, but it's actually a cool new analytics tool that lets you know everything you've always wanted to know about those mysterious silent beings who visit your website or blog. Up until now I've been using dear old Google analytics, but I found the experience strangely unsatisfying. Clicky on the other hand is a breath of fresh air! Whereas Google seem to go out of their way to couch their tools in jargon and to make their programs as confusing as possible, the folks at Clicky have obviously realized that most people just want everything to work and to be simple to understand!

Innovative features include RSS (Clicky are justifiably proud of the fact that they are the only analyzer on the planet that gives you web stats via RSS).

and Spy, it can also distinguish between regular Google search traffic and Google Blog search traffic and has several more features in the pipeline. For me though the best aspect was that I could actually understand what I was looking at !

Another good thing about it, which we can all appreciate, is that it's free if you have less than 1,000 page views a day, which means most of us. If you're rich or you have more than 1,000 page views on average or you just like spending money, fear not they also have a premium service. The whole installation is simplicity itself. I managed it in around 2 minutes and I'm no genius!

Steve Rubel over at Micropersuasion has just installed it, so we are in good company. If you want to give it a go, clicky here Clicky Analytics

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