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Beware if you have your domain names registered with Godaddy (and yes, I do). If your e-mail address is out of date then they can, and will, cancel your domain and sell it to someone else, rather than picking up the the telephone!

The guy this happened to had registered the domain, which is obviously a valuable name to have. Somebody complained to Godaddy that the contact information was inaccurate (it was only the e-mail that was inaccurate, the telephone number and street address were fine). So after waiting 8 weeks for a reply to their e-mail Godaddy cancelled the guy's account and sold it to the other guy for $18.95. Why didn't they pick up the phone? Or, given that they waited 8 weeks anyway, why didn't they send a letter, are they such cheapskates they can't afford a stamp? All in all a lot of very bad publicity for Godaddy.

There is a problem with having e-mail addresses listed, you get spammed ! There are also various assorted people you may not wish to give your street address too. Godaddy provides a service where this information can be hidden, but you have to pay for it. Other registrars provide this service for free, so it will be worth looking around to check on prices before registering your domain names. I wll certainly be looking into it further.

For the full story go here :-

For Godaddy's response go here :

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