How Much is Your Blog Worth ?

Make Money Online for Beginners

Selling your blog is one way of making money online - you do of course need a bog first and then you need to kno whow much it is worth !

I just stumbled across an interesting utility that works out how much your blog is worth. According to its calculations this blog is worth $564.54 (see left-hand margin) which is a little bit odd as I have other blogs that get more visitors but which are apparently worth a lot less, perhaps it's got something to do with the name being a 'proper' domain name and not a blogspot name. So is it true or just a way of getting visitors to his site,I'll let you decide for yourself! The tool computes a dollar value for your blog using a link-to-dollar ratio You can also be nosey and see how much other people's blogs are worth. for example is apparently worth $3,265,299.36 !

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