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Make Money Online Using Adsense

If you are new to blogging and are trying to make money from Adsense like me you may have discovered that Adsense is a weird and wonderful software system, that seems to live by rules of its own devised by a nutty professor.

This post is in the nature of an experiment. Yesterday I put up a post in which I talked about another post made on another blog by a rather famous blogger, who shall remain nameless, and since then, or possibly even slightly before then, Adsense has been displaying the dreaded you know what (asp written backwards, which I don't want to type the right way round in case it displays more of them - paranoia is a wonderful thing).

I am trying to figure out why I am getting the snakes (an asp is a snake) and so I removed the post I put up yesterday to see if it makes any difference, so far it hasn't. The reason I think the post might be causing a problem is because it repeated some of the stuff that was in the famous blogger's original post. At least I hope that's what was causing the problem.

So I am now writing this post about Adsense to see if this will make any difference. If this makes no difference either I will go through all my posts and remove them one by one to see if any of my previous posts have caused offence to the little Adsense creepy crawlies!

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