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[Edit: One of the sites I put up yesterday seems to have gone down, - I didn't know my posts were that popular ! :-), so I have put up two different ones.]

Just a quick note to all fellow newbies to say that if you are new to blogging you need to ping, which as far as I understand it means, once you have written a new post you submit the URL to a 'ping' site to autoping a load of other sites so that your post gets advertised in some mysterious way to other folks just like yourself out there in blogoland - I guess it works, because since I've started doing it I've got more visitors dropping by, but it's still a mystery, although less of a mystery than 'tagging' (can you tell I'm new to this?) - Apologies to any seasoned old timers who are reading this, but I did put 'new to blogging' in the title, so you shouldn' t have clicked on whatever it was you clicked on!

So here are a couple of autoping sites for all those who haven't heard of them before - just copy the URL of your post, go to the sites below, and paste your URL into the windows and click ! It's easy (and strangely satisfying) !


  1. Like reading your blogs and look forward to any more you may write have added a backling at and and rss feed thanks again for your comment on our France Site

  2. Hi thanks for the comments and the backlink. I've put up a link to your helpwithpc blog, another well-designed and useful blog. Vic


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