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[UPDATE : March 2009 - To make money online please ignore all this guff below and click how to make money online - it's far more useful.]


[The experiment continues. This is a re-post of a previously deleted post. I deleted a number of posts to try and find out why I was getting no ads. The ads. came back when I deleted six posts, so now I am re-posting them to find out which was causing the problems (I cunningly kept copies!) ]

I’m pretty new to blogging and (not) making money online, so like everybody else I tend to read other people’s blogs to see how they do it or not, as the case may be. On John Chow’s blog he says that there are over 44,000 searches every month on Google for the phrase "make money online" . He asks people to review his blog in exchange for a link from him. This appears to have been successful as he is no. 2 on page 1 of Google, which I presume was the aim of the exercise.

This got me to wondering what the top 20 sites are on Google when you search for "make money online" and whether listing them on my blog would be of any use and if it would increase the number of visitors. This is not as silly as it sounds, as it is a useful exercise to find out how search engines and people's minds function. I’ve got to admit that although the number of visitors to this blog is increasing I still don’t understand how or why people find there way here.

Personally I find blogs generally by searching for stuff on Google and then clicking on what comes up. After that I sometimes click on links. I also find sites in a haphazard random sort of fashion on places like MyBlogLog or LinkReferral. I guess other people are more or less the same but there is maybe a whole universe of more efficient methods for finding stuff that I know nothing about !

Anyway, back to my search for knowledge. Firstly it’s worth bearing in mind that there are in total 1,410,000 pages that come up when you do a search on "make money online", what fun it would be to read them all! At 2 minutes per site non-stop that would take over 5 years. I am tempted but I shall restrict myself to the top 20 which are, as of today (14.4.2007) as follows:-

  1. Bidvertiser
  2. John Cow (afore-mentioned mega-blog - he needs no introduction from me)
  3. (highly successful and well-known but it beats me why – "you will understand one day grasshopper")
  4. (some guy selling some money making software for $247 – hmm I wonder how that works ?)
  5. (Supermom scoured the Internet for legitimate money-making opportunities and has listed them on this Squidoo page - she has lots of sites, it's odd that the Squidoo page should show in the top 20 and her 'proper' sites don't - memo to me "put this blog on Squidoo")

online", all in all I’ve got to admit I’m pretty disappointed. Maybe I should have gone just for the top 10 as they seemed to be the most interesting – or maybe I should scroll all the way down to page 144,000 and see what the bottom ten are like ! Can you get Google in reverse order ?

There seemed to be lots of repetition and most of it seemed to be "make money for me online" ! mainly through ads., but also some that were selling stuff on how to make money selling stuff to other people who want to make money (you get the picture). Actually problogger doesn’t seem too bad now that I’ve seen some of the other stuff. The good thing is that the competition doesn’t seem particularly daunting – a fair amount of listing of stuff that other people list.

You get the impression that it wouldn’t be too hard to get onto the coveted Google page 1 !
I was surprised not to see TechCrunch there, as he is reckoned to be making $150,000 a month from the site. Also Steve Pavlina wasn't in the list although he seems to be a successful and interesting blogger.

What I actually wanted to see was a site with just ONE money-making method that worked, that is easy to implement, is legal and moral and doesn't involve 'work' - I've never understood why people like to glorify work - if I find it I'll let you know.

One of the points of this exercise of course was to see if there was any increase in traffic to this blog if I wrote a post about what lots of people search for on search engines. So check back in a few days time for the update to see just how many people stumbled onto this blog and if that was more than usual.


  1. John Chow doesn't belong in the #2 spot because he totally gamed his readers into linking him to "make money online" for pens and Wiis and Zunes.

    It's pathetic how low people go for free stuff....

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the comment. I think John Chow was carrying out an experiment based around the phrase "make money online" on his site he said "As you know, I have been trying to get on page one of Google for the search term “make money online.” I’m happy to report that as of today, I am now ranked number two for that term across every single Google server." He has since risen to number 1 I believe. He has also started another experiment based on the search phrase "make money on the Internet" .

    For him it is clearly good to be number 1 in the Google searchings, I'm not sure what anyone else gets out of it though.

    Personally, I was curious to see what would happen if I took that phrase and made it into a post, just an experiment really and so far the conclusions have been .... inconclusive. Maybe I should start an experiment based on giving away free stuff too ! The whole blogosphere is a very strange place !

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