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This is BigString Post Deux [First Posted on 18 April 2007 - 14:56 ]

Keep your eyes open for Bigstring.com a cool new email service that allows you to take your e-mails back. The e-mails self-destruct and cannot be printed.

Their e-mail service is revolutionary as it gives back control of e-mails to the sender. E-mails can be recalled and changed ! So if you have ever sent an e-mail you regretted sending, you can get it back ! And you can send your e-mail via the BigString website or a program such as Outlook.

Their e-mails look exactly like any other e-mail, with the difference that as the sender you have total control over all functions. You just need to click on the “Edit Sent Mail” button.

You can recall, add or delete attachments, erase, and self-destruct your e-mails after you have sent them.

As far as I am aware this is a unique development you no longer need to worry about your messages lingering on in cyberspace or someone's hard drive for ever and a day, when you yourself have moved on.

If you have ever sent an e-mail you wish you hadn't or if you think you ever will, then you should seriously consider BigString.

There is a free 1 GB e-mail service similar to MSN or Yahoo etc... except that it lets you expire or edit messages that you have already sent or there is a pay service if you prefer.

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