Blogging Resources and Tips + an Update

Make Money Online Using Adsense

Adsense Problems

If you are trying to make money online PSAs are the pain of your life - they seem to have reappeared, but only sporadically - they seem to come and go to be replaced by software or web hosting ads. Under normal circumstances I would remove the previous post see if that is what was causing the problem, but unfortunately :-) somebody decided to digg it and it has had 31 diggs so far over at the digging place, which is very gratifying, so I am reluctant to remove it. I would have thought that with 31 diggs I would be able to see it somewhere on the front pages or upcoming pages or whatever they call them, but no, all sorts of other stuff with less than 31 diggs but mine appears invisible. One day I might actually understand what I'm doing.

A Really Useful Site

I went to Google and typed in "blogging tips" and found this really useful site for bloggers Lorelle has put together a quite amazing list of places to go to find stuff suitable for blogs. She [?] has categorized the lists into ten categories ranging from 'industry news' to 'highest traffic' to 'web trends' and a lot more and each one seems to have about 50 links to News Stories, so a LOT of stuff for you to get your brain cells around and a lot of sources and resources for news and statistics for your blog/website. In fact a bit too much so I'm off for a lie down.

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