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Ever wondered how popular your blog/site is and if there is an easy way to rise up throgh the rankings? Well have a look at Website Grader it'll tell you all you need to know about your Google page rank, Google links, Yahoo links, Technorati tags etc... It'll also give you straightforward recommendations about how you could improve your site's visibility e.g. I put in Paula Mooney's URL and discovered her blog is graded in the top 96/100 (good) and that she has Google page rank of 5 but it also recommended that she get her own domain name instead of using the 'blogspot' address. If you are using a 'blogspot' address it is very easy to get your own .com domain name, it'll cost you less than $10 -

It's fun to find out all the things you are doing wrong :-( , so check out your blog on (it's free and as far as I am aware they don't have an affiliate program so I am not making a cent out of this). You can also be nosey and check out other people's blogs and see if you can discover how they got to be famous.

Happy hunting and have a nice day!

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