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Congoo and Claytronics

I've just discovered a cool site with lots of news articles in all areas - technology, news, politics, people etc... which is always useful for people making money online from blogs. If you are looking for news articles I suggest you have a look. They say their mission is simple - "To provide information seekers with access to the most valuable information on the Web."

It has suddenly shot up 140% on for some reason. One article I found there was about 'claytronics' - the possibility of making 3-D reproductions of people you can 'interact' and talk with ! They want to use it for business meetings, but I have other ideas


  1. congoo was featured on the cover of PC World Magazine and chosen as their top 100 products of 2007. I think thats why there traffic went up.

  2. Hi Ray,
    Thanks for the info. I'll have a look at PCWM. I've found Congoo pretty useful and more appealing than some of the other news sites around. Maybe my post will boost their traffic even more! ;-) Vic


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