Domain Name Auctions can be Addictive ! But also profitable.

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A Most Excellent and Illuminating Post on How to Make Money Online from Domain Name Auctions

Fed up of trying to make money online blogging ?

Some people get addicted to buying domain names, either new ones, or old ones that are expiring. It is easy to understand why if you have ever bought anything on Ebay. But how much would you be willing to pay for a domain name called ?

It doesn't sound like much to me. Two guys who are into domain names started bidding at US$ 150 with a limit of $500 but eventually bid it up to $3,000, fortunately for them, or unfortunately, they were outbid, as it was eventually sold for $3150.

And who was willing to pay that amount of money just for a name? Apparently a company called Sirius Cooks - they were just buying it to prevent other people owning a name that closely resembled theirs.

So what is the point of having a domain name like that? One point is that you can buy a domain name for $60 and re-sell it a few days/weeks later for $1,000 (apparently - it ain't happened to me yet!)

Sedo is a good place to find some current auctions. There are also plenty of companies that let you 'park' your domain with them for free, if you don't fancy developing a website yourself, and you get money for anyone who clicks on the ads. displayed on your parked domain.

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