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You learn something new everyday, particularly when, like me, you don’t much to start with. What I learnt today is that there is something called the Lulu Blooker Prize which according to the official website " is the world's first literary prize devoted to "blooks"-books based on blogs or other websites, including webcomics. »"

The first prize is $10,000 so hardly a fortune but it’s a start. Again according to the Lulu Blooker site, blooks are "the world's fastest- growing new kind of book ... a new hybrid literary form". and "Traditional publishing houses, ever in search of the next big name author, have begun to mine blogs and websites for new talent."

The prize was awarded for the first time last year when there were 89 blogs-to-books entered, this year there were 100 entered which is an increase of around 12% but is still not enormous so theoretically you’ve got a 1 in 100 chance of winning $10,000, which is not bad odds really. All you need to do is write something interesting, this year’s winning blog was written by Colby Buzzell a US soldier in Iraq, but second prize went to a fiction writer. To check out how to enter go their website which is, by the way, written in barely legible, disgusting brown on brown ! What is wrong with these people !? Do they think we like looking at something the dog might have sicked up !?
Even if you don’t win the Blooker prize you might still find a publisher for your blog as happened to both Zoe Margolis (Girl with a One Track Mind) case you were wondering then yes, the one track of her mind is the track you were thinking about, though whether it is factual or exploitative fiction I have no way of knowing (note to Girl if she is reading – the link in your article in the Guardian doesn’t work).

And Tom Reynolds, look at life through the eyes of a London ambulance driver. His blog has been adapted into a book and his publisher made the contents available for free download, yet the book still sold apparently.

It would appear this is the way of the future, so if you want to get published, get blogging and make it good and ’edgy’. Reality TV is all the rage at the moment and I suspect ‘reality’ blogs is the way things are going, and if your particular slice of reality seems uninteresting then make it up ! There's nothing that says you can't write fake reality.

Bandwagons are made to be jumped on but with so many bloggers out there you will need to write something that stops people in their tracks. People who use StumbleUpon generally give your blog around 3 seconds to grab their attention, I know it’s true ‘cause that’s what I do too ! We are living in a world where people zap.

So given that the chances of winning the Blooker Prize are about 1 in 100 how hard can it be? So get writing, check out last year's winners to see what they were like and do something better ! I might even have a go myself.

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