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UPDATE - THis is a very old post

Courtney Tuttle has come up with a novel way to make himself poorer by giving away some money. Is he mad? I don't know, but I doubt it. He writes a neat blog with some useful information and has come up with a competition to allow someone to win whatever money he makes from his blog in May. Last month he made US$293.01 so that gives you an idea of the sums involved.

I congratulate him on his idea and I might try it myself some day ! Not now though 'cause at the moment I really need those $10.

Anyway, this is what you gotta do to win Mr Tuttle's money off him. In his own words :-

"If you can guess within $1 of what I earn in May, I will give you all of my earnings for the month! I will PayPal the money to you the first day of June. If you can’t get PayPal, we’ll figure something out! I fully plan on giving it to someone.

It Might As Well Be You!

Hint: It’s looking like it will be more than last month.


Create a post on your blog, copy these rules and paste them into the post.
Make a guess! Link to my homepage with the text ‘make money online $1.00′, replacing the $1.00 with the amount of your guess.Use my contact page to confirm your entry by letting me know (make sure to include the URL of your post)! I will find most of them, but let me know to make sure! "

As you can see I've gone high, probably too high but I like to live dangerously :-)

Have a good day and good luck !

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  1. The results of the contest are in! Someone will be getting some money..


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