How Much Do The Big Bloggers Earn ? Does Size Matter ?

Make Money Online Blogging

Do Big Bloggers Make Big Money ?

Trying to make money online blogging ? Have you ever wondered how much top bloggers earn from their blogs? Well now you can find out without scouring the Internet for hours, because someboyd has done it for you! Not me I hasten to add but Paula Neal Mooney PaulaMooney The list throws up a number of surprises.

First, I hadn't heard of the first five. I was expecting the No. 1 to be TechCrunch or Problogger, turns out it's Markus Frind (over US$3.5 million) ! Markus Who? Shows how much I know. Turns out he runs an online free dating site and earns $10,000 a day just from Adsense (see the interview at the link over at PNM's blog).

Second, I thought Problogger and John Chow would be higher up the list (12th and 15th respectively) although I think the amount of information available has greatly affected this ranking. Steve Pavlina came in 6th but in other rankings I have seen he is behind both Problogger and JC.

Third, the earnings drop off pretty quickly after the first twenty, bottom of the list No. 60 makes US$ 479.88 so a pretty low hurdle to get over to get onto the list. But also a bit discouraging as it means there must be a lot of people out there making not much. As always it seems that the superstars make superbucks and the also rans also ran and huffed and puffed but without the rocket fuel will find it hard to close the gap, note to me - "fame is an interesting concept and is worthy of further study."

A very interesting list and certainly worth looking into in greater detail if you are at all interested in making money from a website/blog to see how the successful ones do it.

Good luck and have a nice day !

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