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In just 7 months since it was launched the .mobi domain name had had over 500,000 registrations. It represents a good way to get into the domain name industry, given that most .coms have already been registered, it is still possible to find a good .mobi name with the potential to make a considerable amount of money. Recent .mobi sales include for $129,800, for $85,000, for $70,000, for $53,000.

Top Brands lead way with Millions of Pages of Mobile Content

dotMobi is designed specifically for mobile phones and was launched in October 2006. Yesterday registrations passed 500,000 in 104 countries. This rapid growth shows that developers are keen to create .mobi sites for mobile phones. There are now millions of pages of content live on .mobi sites and many of the world's leading brands have set up their own .mobi sites in recent months.

Travel is a particularly popular area, with SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) being the first airline to enable .mobi access to flight and check-in information. will soon have its own .mobi sites. BMW, Ferrari and Rolls-Royce already have their own sites.

Other major brands include,,, and There are also social networking .mobi sites such as and For people on the move there is to help find a taxi in the US, UK and Canada and to find film times and locations in those same countries. allows people to vote in elections over the phone instead of going to the polling station.

.mobi sites are designed to ensure that consumers can be confident that an Internet site or service will work on their mobile phones when using a .mobi address.

It seems to me .mobi domain names will become more and more common, so now is a good time to start registering names, which can either be parked with a parking company or developed.

For more information on dotMobi domains and registration information, visit: the dotMobi blog at

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