8 Top Tips for Choosing a Perfect Domain Name

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Eight Tips to Help you Choose the Perfect Domain Name to help you make money

Phillip Davis of Tungsten Marketing recommends the following 8 steps for choosing the perfect domain name I can’t say I agree with all his 'steps' but some of his ideas are certainly useful and given his experience in the industry worth giving serious consideration to. - Basically for the purposes of making money online blogging you need a name that contains the subject that you intend to blog about in i.e. if you intend to blog about digital cameras choose a name with digital cameras in it ! e.g. Digital Camera Ratings

1. Start the search

Hmm hardly brain surgery but OK let's not be churlish – he suggests DomainTools.com as the best place to start looking. The site will also offer alternatives if the name you want is already taken.

For pre-owned names he recommends Afternic.com, Sedo.com and BuyDomains.com. Such names can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Finally, SnapNames.com has names that will be expiring soon that you may be able to pick up on the cheap.

2. Get the .com extension

Fair enough, I do agree - .com is still by far the most widely used extension and the one people type in naturally. But you could also register the other extensions .net. .eu etc… to prevent competitors getting them. Also don’t forget the new extensions .mobi and .tv which are growing in popularity

3. Be creative

One-word domain names are either gone or very expensive. So consider choosing a common name plus an ending, such as:


Good advice and it would be easy to think of other examples to give you good two-word domain names, such as my own favourite "LondonCentral .mobi"

4. Combine evergreen words

Combine simple words with an ‘evergreen’ word that makes the name stand out. The examples he gives are BossMark.com, KoreOne.com, TeamLogicIT.com and BrightHire.com. Evergreen words he cites are :-


5. Use a phrase.

Don’t overlook short phrases such as SeaOfDiamonds.com, ILoveCrabs.com This approach does require a lot of thinking and digging but can prove very worthwhile. More good advice although I would suggest this more for people intending establishing a business than for 'parking specialists'.

6. Invent new names.

Why not? It's good fun, it's cheap and it could become a world leader. The most obvious example of this is Google but Mr Davis also cites the all-natural bug spray company Skedattle.com and a web-based IT company which his company branded as Graynium.com to highlight intelligence and insight.

He says to make sure that the name can only be spelled one way or capture all possible misspellings and redirect them to the main domain name. This seems to me to be nigh on impossible and he seems to be ignoring the fact that in the UK and elsewhere words are often spelled differently than in the US – for example 'graynium' in the UK would be 'greynium', 'skedattle' is 'skedaddle', 'harbor' is 'harbour' etc…

7. Run a legal search

A piece of good legal advice this. If you find a name, see if you can register the trademark for it. For this you need to go to uspto.gov But if the name doesn't show up you are not necessarily in the clear. A business may operate on a state or local level and not appear in the uspto database. Do a Google search too, this he says will "provide a good indication if someone is using the name or something similar" but in this case the name would not be available anyway.

Also he says you need to check it with your lawyer or an online trademark company such as TMExpress.com. More good advice no doubt, but at some point you’re going to have to stop checking!

8. Hire a specialist

Only if you have deep pockets I would say and if you can do this then you can more or less ignore the first 7 ‘steps’. Mr Davis says a specialist can "create an entire brand identity that includes a matching tagline and logo artwork" and he advises that if you are looking to build a "substantial internet presence", then the specialist is worth the money.

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