Analysis of John Chow's Blog by Tyson

Make Money Online for Beginners

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Tyson has done an incredible job of studying John Chow's blog, analyzing such stuff as 'words per post' 'frequency of posts' 'distribution of posts per day' 'length of post per category or author' 'monthly blog income' and much more - so he has done all the hard work all I have to do is study it and see what useful tips I can pick up! Tyson seems to be an analysis professional and has done an excellent job, but it means I've got to think of something else to blog about on this blog.


  1. Vic -

    Thanks for the compliments and for visiting my blog. There is still one more part left to post before I summarize what I have learned from the study.


  2. Your welcome Tyson, your analysis is very impressive and also useful for someone just starting out like myself. I look forward to reading the rest. - Vic


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