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Do Follow v No Follow and its relevance to making money blogging

I've been reading a lot lately about 'do follow' which is basically the opposite of 'no follow' - you remove the 'no follow' instructions from your code and any comments then somehow miraculously result in links (you can tell I really understand what I'm doing here!). Anyway I removed the 'no follow' instructions from the HTML code so hopefully any comments will result in links for the commenter (if I'm talking nonsense could someone please comment and let me know - Thanks!).


  1. I certainly don't bite ;)

    One tip, you might find the information I have on creating trackbacks in blogger helpful. You are throwing away link juice.

  2. Hi,

    I’m keeping an updated Do Follow List on my site and since yours is do-follow as well, I want to ask you if you want to join my list too.
    There are over 220 websites featured here, so go on and start commenting on those appealing to you.

    Let me know!



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