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DNHour - a New 'Digg-style' Website Domainers

An excellent new site has just been created for domainers and anyone interested in making money from domain names (not by me I hasten to add).

The site is called DNHOUR and is based on Digg. People put up posts relevant to the domaining industry and other people vote on them. The idea is not new of course but I don't think that will hamper it at all, as people are familiar with the format and there is a lot of interest in domaining in general. According to the owner Al, DNHour is "A Digg-style type of news portal for the domain industry. Remember, this is a 100% domainer-powered news content site" it also has areas for listing domains/websites for sale, domaining tips etc...

The other excellent thing about the site is that it is just starting up, so you can be among the first to post there, make some new friends and maybe have some influence on how the site develops. One extra bonus, Al says he is "planning to start a contest for Top DNHour User check back for the latest on this. (any suggestions on this will be most appreciated)...Budget is $200." So another reason to get involved (money is always a great motivator!)

Just in case you are not familiar with what domainers do, they buy and sell domain names, sometimes for just a few hundred bucks, sometimes for many millions - was sold recently for $7.5 million, went for $1 million, went for $300,000 -

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