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Domain Names on Financial TV Channel

While wandering through - an excellent new 'digg-style' site devoted to the domain name industry I was directed to two excellent sites.

The first is a financial site which shows TV interviews online with people who have something to say (hopefully). The site is called and is free to watch, being financed by wonderful adverts and now that I too am an advertising mogul I suddenly find them fascinating! mmmmmmmmmmm adverts.

The interview in question was with Geoff Hampson the CEO of about 'making money from the domain name industry'. There's gold in them thar domain names!

You can also make money just by 'parking' a domain name with a 'parking company' - to see how much some people make each month click on the cunningly disguised affiliate link below (if you sign up with them free of charge I may one day make enough money to buy myself a beer !) NameDrive - for example, the guy who registered (not me) is getting around $30 a month for doing nothing. So domain names can be profitable, I've got to admit I ain't cracked it yet, but I do believe there is a lot of potential to be exploited. For more info. on money from domain names see here : DomainNameMillionaire

I will deal with the second site I mentioned in a subsequent post, as this is getting rather longer than I had intended! Have a nice day.

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