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[An update of the earlier post of the same name - due to a slice of spam being dropped in my lunchbox]

Free Ebook on the 'Business of Creativity' (Yes, really free)

Because I love my reader(s) so much, I scour the Internet to find things that are both useful and free for him/her/them/you. Today I was surprised to discover that David Parrish who is well-known as an 'international business guru' has decided to make his book 'T-Shirts and Suits - A Guide to the Business of Creativity' available free of charge online in pdf format.
Why has he done this? Who knows? Maybe he has some evil twisted plan to undermine capitalism? But be that as it may, the book is an excellent guide to creativity, which will be of use to all creative entrepreneurs (or wannabe creative entrepreneurs). It comes in at over 100 pages of well-written text and neat images and is described as ' a practical, useful handbook for creative entrepreneurs to refer to and find information ...... with practical tips about using powerful business ideas in a creative context.'
It is aimed at creative entrepreneurs (you?) and enterprises (them) who are intent on becoming even more successful. The book tells you how to maximize your creative talents, but also tells you how to combine your talents with best business practice.
David Parrish has over 20 years' experience working in creative enterprises. I think it is an excellent decision by him to make his book available for download. Long live the revolution.
So to download the book free of charge (yes really free - not free if you pay someone $30 type free - or free if you sign up with your name address and SS number etc... - just plain old free) go here : MerseySideAcme or here DavidParrish - and click where it says click to download the pdf file - David Parrish also has a blog on his site.

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