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Where is Richistan and How Much Does it Cost to Live There?

If you are into the idea of making money online and you haven't heard of Richistan yet, then you must live in a bucket! Richistan is the "parallel" world where the super-rich live, they are all around you but you don't see them (spooky huh?). To live in Upper Richistan (we won't mention Lower and Middle Richistan) you need a net worth of $100 million to $1 billion. If you are an Upper Richistani, what are you doing reading this blog? The most exclusive residents are the "Billionaire's Club."

Richistan is also the title of the book by Robert Frank which tells us everything we ever wanted to know or didn't want to know about the super-rich. It's a fascinating tale about basically simple folk who just happen to have enormous amounts of money (a bit like the Clampetts in fact) .


And what do Richistanis drive ?

Well, Maybachs apparently.

And they also don't wear Rolexes (ugh!) (as you can seee from the photo) - they go for Franck Muller's at $600,000 a throw. Check out Franck's elegant timepieces here Franck Muller make sure you click on one of the photos and scroll your cursor over the watch !

And how did they get their ticket to Richistan? Well, lots of different ways apparently. Ed Bazinet, for example, (what you mean you never heard of him?) got rich making little ceramic villages with light bulbs inside them ! mmmmmmmmmmmm light bulbs. So there's hope for us all. Simon Fireman did it by making inflatable pool toys!

One thing Richistanis seem to have in common with each other is that they are feel they would be more secure if they had double the money they have already got! Isn't human nature odd?

The book gives a fascinating insight into what awaits us :-) if you want to buy it please do it here via my Squidoo page Squidoo and we might meet in Richistan one day!

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