How to Obscure any URL and Trace E-mails

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How to Obscure any URL and Trace E-mails

Yesterday I published a post which I entitled Knowledge is Weightless about Courtney Tuttle's excellent blog and what a good thing it is that knowledge is weightless. Well today I have just stumbled upon a site run by a guy in Washington State, who must have six heads! His site deals with stuff such as tracing IP addresses, or obscuring IP addresses to make it look like you're somewhere else (like in the living room when you're really answering the 'phone on the john!) (not), it's full of amazing information about how people mask their addresses so you don't know where they really are, but even better he tells you how you can unmask them and trace them. Very handy for security in chat rooms and spam e-mails ( yes you can find out where those phishing e-mails are really coming from!) .

I must point out at this point that I have only just read his web pages and I haven't actually done the stuff he says, but he seems confident enough. One more disclaimer before I put up the address of the website, I don't know the guy but like I said he looks genuine enough you can check out his home page here - PC - the actual pages you need to look at are at the bottom of this page.

Some of the things he says :

URLs can be obscured in at least 3 ways:

  1. Meaningless/deceptive text can be added after "http://" and before an "@" symbol e.g. http://7763631671@3468664375/o%62s%63ur%65%2e%68t%6D .
  2. The domain name can be expressed as an IP address, in dotted-decimal, dword, octal or hexadecimal format; and all of these formats have variants.
  3. Characters in the URL can expressed as hexadecimal (base 16) numbers.

Plus you can mix all the above 3 together!

Fascinating stuff but he explains it really well, with examples.

He also says :

"Use of the Tracer sometimes shocks the hell out of someone you traced, who naïvely believed him/herself to be entirely anonymous or invisible. You agree to accept full responsibility for all consequences, including resuscitation of the victim, time wasted convincing the poor sod you're not a hacker, and the slow, painful restoration of confidence following shattered illusions."

He has a program you can download for performing traces, but I haven't downloaded it yet (there's no-one I want to trace) so I accept no responsibility for any consequences that may arise as a result of you downloading his program.

The page with all the info. is here PC Help Obscure

The page with more info, and the trace program is here Network Tracer

Happy hunting.

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  1. hum...
    I havent RTFA, but you should be able to put random stuff BEFORE the @.


    I'm not sure about the second version, but the first one is surely correct. That's because the string before the @ is seen as an username.Of course 99% of webservers doesn't have username so they simply discard it. I think you can try to read in someway..maybe.

    I saw this trick used by an Ads, something like: "buy at fiat" became

  2. Hi Maurizion,

    Interesting stuff. A whole universe of information I knew nothing about. Perhaps I could use that Fiat trick here :-) The guy's website is really interesting and worth a look. Vic


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