The Meme-o-meter has landed ! A cool widget if ever there was one

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The Meme-o-Meter has Landed

How Cool is this ? A Meme-o-meter. Congratulations to the people at Daylife who have worked with the tech staff at Fortune to come up with a neat widget called the Meme-o-meter.

A Meme is an "idea that circulates and mutates like genes throughout the culture" or "a unit of cultural information that is transferable from one mind to another"

The Meme-o-meter is a "more or less" real-time chart that ranks the hottest memes in science and technology, based on mentions in news stories and blogs (like this one no doubt!).

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  1. Thanks for this interesting post, I have been experimenting with ways of adding 3rd party widgets to my Facebook profile. Check out my blog for a cool piece of Facebook bling:


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