Sahar Sadir's Tips on Choosing Domain Names

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This post follows on from my earlier post about Internet TV and DomainNames- it concerns Sahar Sarid. You may not have heard of him but his story is one of those rags to riches stories you usually only see in Hollywood. He is now extremely wealthy apparently (I haven't actually seen his bank account so I have to take that on faith) and he made his money in the 'domain name' game - you can see his whole rather unusual story here (would you leave a message on a blog asking complete strangers to lend you $3,000?

He now has a blog and he has just posted an article on it in which he gives his tips on how he chooses (or used to choose) his domain names - The Conceptualist alongside the usual advice about using your common sense he mentions a place called which I had never heard about, but which is very useful for finding the history of a domain name and what sort of site it used to be, so that if you find what you think is a good name you can look it up to see what sort of life it had in the past I thought the old websites would disappear, but it seems they are still there floating around cyberspace.

Sahar Sarid's blog (see above 'the conceptualist') is like an encyclopedia of domaining, I strongly recommend a visit.

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