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Back in March I wrote about the free web analytics tool "GetClicky" here: Clicky The Cool New Web Analytics Tool . I have decided to provide this update as a result of seeing John Chow's video of him watching people log on to his blog in real-time Watching Blog Activity in Real Time GetClicky is a free web analytics tool that has a feature called 'spy' that lets you basically do the same thing, i.e. you can see who is logging on to your site and what they do while they are there.

That's not all it does, it also gives a whole load of information about where your visitors come from (e.g. some commercial site in Indonesia decided to copy and paste one of my articles onto their website so I left them a comment to say thank you - they did put up a link but I felt it was a bit of a cheek not acknowledging who I was.).

Not only is GetClicky free but it is incredibly easy to install and use, if you have ever struggled trying to get your head around Google Analytics you will be quite amazed how easy web statistics can be! The Clicky people have understood that most people just want things to work and be easy to understand!

It has innovative features like statistics via RSS (they are proud of the fact that they are the only analyzer on the planet that gives you web stats via RSS). It can also distinguish between regular Google search traffic and Google Blog search traffic, and it tells you what keywords people use to find your site. For example the keyword 'domain' accounts for 11% of Gogole referrals to this blog, 'monetization' accounts for 9% and 'ham' accounts for 5% (I assume they are looking for Kevin Ham not a ham sandwich.

The best feature, however, for me was that I can actually understand the statistics I am looking at !

The next best feature is that it's free, if you get less than 1,000 page views per day per site, which I guess means a lot of us. If you get more visitors than that then fear not, they also have a premium service. And you can upgrade if you like after the free trial.

The services are :

Basic - Free, up to 3 sites, up to 1,000 average daily page views per site. Limited feature set.

Paid Services

Blogger - $2.99/month or $19.99/year. Up to 3 sites and 10,000 average daily page views total (between all sites). Includes extra features like RSS feeds, Spy, outbound link tracking, download tracking, IP tagging, IP filtering, and more.

There is also a 'pro' service for $50 a year.

No money or card details etc... are required upfront. You decide after your free trial if you want to upgrade.

When you register, you get a 21 day free trial of their 'pro' service, so you can access all their features and see which will work best for you when your trial is up. Any websites that get more than 1,000 average daily page views will be automatically disabled after the trial has expired if you decide you do not wish to sign up for the premium service.

Finally, and very interestingly for people using the free trial, they have an affiliate program that can earn you money if you refer new users to their service. If you earn enough money from your affiliate account (around $19) then you are signed up for the premium account for 1 year.

So essentially you can keep your free account going and once you have enough affiliates who have signed up (4 should do it) you get the premium account for free (for 1 year). That's what happened to me :-)

Plus, if you write an article about them on your website or blog they put $5 in your account. That only works once I'm afraid!

I really do recommend you have a look at what theyhave to offer. To give their 21 day free trial a go or just check out all the details of what they are offering please click here GetClicky to visit their site, that way I may be able to buy myself a beer! :-)

Let me know how you get on. Have a nice day !

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  1. I have used numerous web analytics tool like statcounter, sitemeter etc.., have not tried getclicky though, will give it a try.
    I have been using , they have been good.


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