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Show Me the Money - Paula Mooney's Making Money Online List

Hats off to Paula Mooney and her new improved Internet cool dudes making money list where people who make money online reveal all ! It must have involved an enormous amount of work, but it is much appreciated by the bloggerati throughout cyberspace (I thought I had invented a word there for a minute but I just checked and '' has already been registered!)

Paula's list has doubled in size! There are now 120 people on it ranging from the top two, who both make money from domain names by the way, 1. Kevin Ham ($300 million - although not $300 million a year it must be said) for the inside info. about how Kevin Ham made $300 milion see here YouWannaBeADomainNameMillionaire? and 2. Frank Schilling ($20 million - again not annually) to the bottom 118. Fame Fire with $19 (well done for having the guts to admit it but it could prove to be good marketing ploy! (119. and 120. have not provided the info. yet).

To see Paula's complete list you need to go here PaulaMooney -

The rest of this post has been removed by popular demand as being superfluous to requirements


  1. Hey Thanks - I had no idea that this was going on... thanks for letting me know - I have left a thank you over at Paula's too - I am so pleased to get in at no.98... I hope to be back with more earnings when I have a higher page rank - Page rank is the quest now - PR now, money later....

  2. Hi Jay,
    Thanks for dropping by. You must have read my post while I was still writing it. As I say in the post I will be going through the blogs again to have a closer look and try and see what useful tips I can pick up. So I will probably be in touch again. Vic

  3. Hey Old Vic -

    Thanks so much for the mention of Paula's New List of Blogger Salaries (and Webmasters, Affiliate Marketers, Content Scrapers, Domainers and any other title you can think of) June 2007!

    And thank you for letting me know about your issue with the videos on my site. Is it just the Paris Hilton video page? I just got an error on that page too.

    Or is it the videos loaded in my left sidebar?

    And when you say that #42 leads you to #41, is it the "Online Marketing Blog" or "Daily Blogging Tips" source link that leads you to #41, 'cause those are working for me.

    You've given a great breakdown on your blog showing how many more of these folks -- especially the top paid ones -- use Wordpress.

    It's even more validation for my decision to set up my new Watch Free Episodes site on Wordpress.

    And now that this list is out, I can get back to creating more content on that one!

    Take care and please shoot me an email to paulanealmooney at gmail dot com when you can.


  4. Hi Paula,
    Thanks for dropping by. Like a visit from royalty! :-) I'll send you an e-mail. Old Vic

  5. Interesting post. I'm #54 on that list and I use wordpress not blogger. :-)

  6. Hi Tina,
    Thanks for dropping by, sorry about that - I misread my own handwriting !

  7. Hello from 116th position.

    Firefox crashed while I was writing this comment :( so I have to write it again. :((
    I was saying that Blogger doesn't allow you to tinker it a lot. If I wake up and decide that I want to get some information from my readers by writing a piece of PHP code, I can do that with WP but not with Blogger. (actually I did that. read here)

    This is one of the reason people prefer to use WP: more customization and more control (ok they are 2 reasons)

    Anyway, if you are a big fan of Blogger I'll tell you something. I'm "scanning" internet with an app I'm just writing and from an intial base of 120000 sites, I can tell you that most of the blogger that don't remove the meta-creator tag use Blogger. Watch my blog closely for more info about this. :-)

  8. Hi Maurizio,
    Thanks for dropping by and for the info. re. Wordpress. Do you think Wordpress is any more successful with regards to monetization of a blog?
    I am not a particular fan of Blogger, I just like the fact that it is free, which for a beginner is an attractive feature. Is there anything significant about removing the meta-creator tag?

  9. Quick answers:
    1. Try to blog with Blogger then if you see that blogging is for you, go away from it. I read something about it on Kumiko cash quest and it seems that Blogger helps you if you want to upgrade to wordpress. Paula has this very same problem right now. She is successfull so she's afraid to move, but she's would really love to move to WP just to add 1000s plugins. :-)
    1bis. note that WordPress = WordPress-that-you-download
    and-install-on-your-host. You have which is free like blogger and then you have Wordpress (.org?) that you have to download (for free) and then install on a web server (which could be free too). When people speak about wordpress they mean the downloadable one. (I personally bought some hosting space for 25dollars for the first year just for that.PM me if u want help about this)

    2. Monetization: I think that WP should be more successful because of the plugins you can put on it. This is just my opinion..Remember that you can be successful on Blogger too.Oh..I just noticed you have your own domain. You are lucky because it will be painless for you to switch from blogger to WP.

    I think you should stay with Blogger until you feel that you want to learn more and that blogging is something you want to do for a long time. Using WP helps in writing too, because there is always something interesting to do with it.

    3 tags. I read somewhere on that it would be very kind if you leave the:
    meta name="generator" content="WordPress 2xxx
    tag for statistical purposes.
    I can't find that info anymore..sorry :(

  10. Thanks again Maurizio. I will stay with Blogger for the time being and try to figure out how to get traffic up. I hope also that Google will impove it to make it more competitive with WordPress, as this would seem to make sense if they are serious about being in the blogging business. Vic

  11. Wordpress is much cooler than Blogger, but of my 30 blogs only two are WP. It's more complicated while offering more options and all the cool plugins.

    I started with Blogger and when I started to use the Post-by-email, I never wanted anything else. My WP blogs also have this, but the formatting always gets messed up and it seems to work better in Blogger.

    WP also had a security problem with 2.12 and I don't think Blogger has ever had a security problem.

    I started my first blog hosted in (Blogger), but since you can use your own domain/site all my others were either on their domain or as part of a site. With blogger, I can change the config and publish the entire blog on another site if I want to. I can also put many blogs on one domain if I want as well.

    Blogger needs no software installs or updates, but it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that WP does. If you like Macs you will love WP...

  12. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments. It's good to get a vote of confidence for Blogger, maybe I don't need to worry after all. I take it your a Kevin Ham fan ;-). I think domains is where the money is,unfortunately so far I haven't managed to crack that either! Thanks for the link too. Vic

  13. Wow! Awesome post. I see that it's included several Malaysian Bloggers. I'm proud.

    I read from the above comments, PageRank played an important role to earned more online. I wondered what I did wrong? You see, My Journey To Recovery has a PR4, but I've yet to receive my first AdSense's cheque. Where did I go wrong, Old Vic?

    For now, I'm still a Blogger fan.

    I brought along greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

  14. Hi Arahman7,

    Page rank 4 ! Congratulations, I wish mine was that high. I'm only 2. I have had a look at your site, which looks very good, but I would say that your Adsense ads. are not very visible. Why not put a large one down the left-hand side, that is supposed to be a very good position. Also if you have things there that are not making you any money then dump them they are only taking up space.
    Have you tried asking the other Malaysian bloggers ? They probably know more than I do.
    Perhaps also you could get your own domain name ? It only costs around 8 US$ and it means you have a .com with the name you want.

  15. Thank you for your suggestion. I've been thinking about it lately. I'm not worried about domain name, but hosting service. What do you know about

    Maybe we can email each other talking about domain name and hosting. I heard/read so many sob-stories. I wish to avoid those complications.

    Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

  16. Hi Arahman,

    With blogger you don't need a web hosting service. You register a domain name and leave your blog with Google, who provide the hosting service for free. To see how this is done check out my post -

    I'm afraid I don't know anything about kiosk .

    I'll get in touch via your site re. email.

  17. What's the deal with all the plug-ins in word press? What do they do that adds value to your blog?
    I started with WP and it was just so confoundedly confusing! I messed it all up and couldn't do really anything with it. When i came to blogger it was so much easier to work with.
    So what is so cool about these plug ins?

  18. Goo dquestion - but I ain't got the answer ! As I gave up on Wordpress for the same reasons as you.

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