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A cool tip for speeding up your web navigation

Type any word e.g. sharescity (a financial blog :-)) in the address bar then press CTRL + ENTER and it takes you to the dotcom domain.

Why am I posting this piece of information which has been around for years ? Because I just read about it on a blog written by one of the top Internet entrepreneurs, a guy who has made millions from the Internet and it got a lot of 'cool tip thanks' type comments (plus some others saying it was old news). This is not a dig at the guy in question or the people who thanked him for the cool tip, as clearly if you didn't know it, then doing it makes typing in addresses somewhat less tedious. It's more an indication that we may know more than we think.

There's so much stuff I don't know about computers that I would never have dreamed of posting this tip up until 5 minutes ago, but now I have and maybe it will be of use to someone out there !

Type a word in the address bar e.g. geekylvania then CTRL + ENTER and hey presto! Maybe I'm more of a geek than I thought I was!

Have a nice day.


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