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Make Money Online – Top 20 Sites – Update

Back in April, after reading an article by dotcom mogul John Chow, I decided to draw up a list of the first 20 sites listed by Google when you type in the words “make money online”. The reason was that John Chow had decided to try and get to number 1 in the Google rankings, which he achieved. However, when you type in “make money online” now (16 June 2007) Mr Chow doesn’t show up until page 4.

It seems that Google is a fickle beast. John Chow himself wrote a post about losing his number 1 spot back on 4 June John Chow it seems he managed to regain it, but now he appears to have lost it again (tut tut). His advice is to become well-acquainted with Google’s Webmaster Tools my advice is that he should take his own advice! ;-)

I thought it would be interesting to see what changes there have been to the top 20 make money online sites. The first thing I noticed was the large increase in the total number of sites Google found (although this seems to vary depending on the time of day you look!). Back in April there were a total of 1,410,000 pages listed when you searched on "make money online", today that total is 1,780,000 i.e. an increase of 370,000 pages or over 26% in two months! Or about 6,000 a day! (Don’t you just love statistics?) Maybe that is the John Chow effect?

So without further ado here is the new revised and improved list of top 20 sites, along with the previous ranking in brackets (can someone please tell me how to create a table?).

1. (1)

2. (6)

Very professional looking blog by Alan Liew apparently, with articles and ads. But a bit impersonal

3. (7)

Interesting blog by George Manty with plenty of articles and a “be a guest blogger” spot

4. (8)

Lots of info. looks quite interesting but I still think it’s written too small

Deleted due to lack of space

20 ! C’mon John you can beat this deadbeat!

So there it is. Big loser seems to be Mr Chow who is off the radar at number 40, also Problogger who has slipped from 3 to 8, Supermom down to 11 from 5 rsstoblog down to 14 from 4 Big winners Alan Liew (6 to 2) and George Manty (7 to 3), successwithauctions (16 to 5) and justmakemoneyonline (from nowhere to 7!).

Once again, after the top 10 the sites become distinctly less interesting. I’ll be having a closer look at the ‘big winners’ over the next few days to see if I can pick up any useful tips (like how to create a table!).


  1. Thanks for mention my blog. For a good introduction on tables I recommend this HTML tutorial, starting on the tables section:

    I hope it helps,

  2. Hi George,
    Thanks for dropping by and for pointing me in the right direction for the table-making! I shall see what I can do. Regards, Vic

  3. You are welcome. If you still have problems, let me know and I will see if I can explain it to you and/or write a post on it.

    All the best,

  4. Well done, how long did it take your site to get on the first page?

  5. Hi MMO,
    There seems to be some confusion here, I think your comment was meant for someone else. I am not on page 1, but thanks for the congratulations anyway ;-)

  6. Hey!

    Thanks for the link love. I have noticed the sites have been fluctuating a lot lately. I wonder why?

    SuperMom in NY!

    I have a blog called:
    Getting Out of Debt. Want to exchange links?

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  8. Supermom,

    Thanks for the comment and the offer of a link. Your blog looks
    really good, more like a website, I have put a link to it on this blog. Getting out of debt sounds like a good idea ! :-) Kind regards, Vic

  9. Stewie,
    Thanks for the comment, I'll check out the site you mention. Kind regards, Vic


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