Blogger Revenue and Alexa Rankings - Are They Connected ?

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Make Money Bogging - Blogger Revenue and Alexa Rankings - Are They Connected ?

[UPDATE : I have decided to put the conclusions at the top here so that you can see them more clearly. How helpful of me !]

Conclusions : [bearing in mind that all these salaries are self-declared and may be subject to exaggeration or under-reporting]

  • To be reasonably sure of making enough money to live on, you need to get an Alexa ranking of less than 150,000, - below 90,000 would be better.
  • To make decent money you need to get below 25,000
  • To make good money you need to get below 10,000.


When reading Paula Mooney’s list of bloggers’ salaries it occurred to me that it might be useful to know if Alexa rankings bear any relation to the bloggers’ revenues, i.e. does a high ranking mean more dosh ? If so, does a low ranking mean less dosh ? And in fact what constitutes a high ranking or a low ranking.

A couple of weeks ago I posted that my Alexa rankings had increased over 700% -Nice Stats - and I set myself the target of geting below 750,000 although I had no idea if 750,000 was a good achievement or just another pile of poo. Well I achieved my goal of 750,000 but, as you can see from the list below, it is hardly very impressive, so next step is getting below 500,000.

See how you compare to the other money making blogs

You can see from the list that the big ‘gurus’ have rankings in the 2,000s, other big names are below 10,000 then are other well-known bloggers below 20,000, but the correlation between Alexa ranking and earnings isn’t absolute.

The highest earning bloggers according to Paula Mooney’s list are Leedodd, G-Man, Steve Pavlina and Shoemoney, but Leedodd’s and G-man’s Alexa ranking are not the highest, at 78,820 and 144,802. The two other famous bloggers – John Chow and Problogger are 17th and 23rd on Paula Mooney’s list, not so high, except of course that the figures re. earnings are only approximate.

At the bottom of the list Sabrina does quite well regarding earnings considering her Alexa ranking - 7,912,163

[Update 13th July : Thank you to Mr. Grown Up Geek who has informed me that most of the $6K a month reported for his (her?) site on Paula Mooney's list comes from not from the blog in Paula's list, which actually makes more sense as was one of those languishing with an Alexa rank of 200,000+ whereas is 61,447 - I have therefore modified the list :-)]

Blogs That Make Over $4,000 a month

I have marked the 19 blogs in Paula’s list that make over $4,000 a month with two asterisks ** (some of the blogs in the list below were not in Paula’s list)

Breakdown of blogs that make over $4,000 a month :-

  • 11 blogs with Alexa ranking below 25,000
  • 5 blogs with Alexa ranking between 25,000 and 90,000
  • 3 blogs with Alexa ranking over 100,000
  • 1 blog with Alexa ranking over 200,000

Conclusions [repeated from above]: [bearing in mind that all these salaries are self-declared and may be subject to exaggeration or under-reporting]

  • To be reasonably sure of making enough money to live on, you need to get an Alexa ranking of less than 150,000, - below 90,000 would be better.
  • To make decent money you need to get below 25,000
  • To make good money you need to get below 10,000.

It is not purely a question of maths however, as there appear to be plenty of blogs with low Alexa rankings that do not make $4,000 a month.

Personally I will be aiming first to get below 500,000 and to increase subscriber numbers and technorati rankings etc… so if anybody has got any tips on how that can be achieved please drop me a line in the comments box !

The rest of this post disappeared in the washer - if you are interested in learning how to make money online blogging see - Make Money Online Blogging


  1. Interesting post.

    I also have no idea how my blog got an Alexa rank of 17????

    Thanks for your comments about my blog colors.

    By the way, I have never seen someone with as many blogs as you. How do you keep up with them all?

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for dropping by. I think you got an Alexa rank of 17 because you are considered to be part of 'blogger' - so blogger is ranked 17 (just a theory).

    You noticed how many blogs I have :-) - I think I might start a competition for who has the most ! How do I keep up with them all ? Easy, I don't. Some have not been updated for a while. I'm still experimenting really, to see what works and what doesn't and am still highly confused by the whole process :-( I hope the vacation is going well !

  3. Hello Old Vic. You inspired me to make a post about this. Cheers!

  4. Hi Janette,
    Thanks for dropping by, I left a comment on your blog. Excellent stuff, it taught me a few things about blogjuice and showed me where things to improving !

  5. Wow, that's a nice analysis there. I have two blogs linked from this post. Lemme go back and post something about this as well.

  6. Hi 5X,
    Thanks for dropping by - I look forward to reading your post

  7. Hey, great post!
    point of correction: Most of GrownUpGeek's earnings are from from the website (, Alexa Rank ~60,000 . only a small portion of the approx $6k/month comes from the blog (

  8. Hey Mr. Geek,
    Thanks for the info. That makes more sense and reasssures me that the world is not quite as dotty as it may appear ! :-)
    I shall no doubt be a frequent visitor to your site as there is a lot I have to learn :-) Vic

  9. Hey.
    I write down my Alexa stats almost weekly. Sooner or later I'll post the complete list. I also wrote a post on how to improve your alexa ranking..go and browse my blog and you'll find it :-)

  10. Hi Maurizio,
    I don't write mine down but I do check them too often ! I'm up to 677,992 now :-)
    I'll check out your post - do you know anything about Google page ranks too ?
    Digitalfilipino has done a post too on blogger revenue and blog juice it's in the links to this post

  11. Interesting analysis, Vic. I think there's a bit of a misrepresentation in ranking lists like these because the revenues indicated are on a per blogger and not on a per blog basis. Let me set you some examples:

    1) Jeremy Schoemaker of does not earn a lot from his blog. He's basically an internet marketer and an SEO specialist who earns from arbitrage -- advertising on AdWords/YPN to get referral commissions.

    2) Majority of Darren Rowse's earnings come from his Digital Camera website and not from He has 10 more other blogs that earn a rough total of 20k a month though he does not divulge what these blogs are in public.

    So, doing a comparison between their personal blogs and their total internet revenues will skew the results.

  12. Hi Abe,
    Thanks for the info. The list of the actual revenues was drawn up by Paula Mooney, so I can't take any credit for that. The figures provided are of course very approximate and based on what the people concerned declare. It's interesting to hear that the ones that make the big money have multiple money-making methods on the go, as I've often thought that must be the case. I didn't realize Darren Rowse had 20 blogs though, he surely must have people doing them for him ?
    I looked up the Alexa rankings out of personal curiosity and discovered a rough correlation and it made me think that there may be a mathematical link between high rankings and high earnings. A bit simplistic no doubt, but easy to understand :-)

  13. Oops that should have been 10 for Darren Rowse, not 20. Ho do you edit a comment you've just made ?

    Arbitraging also sounds like interesting stuff, I've just read a lengthy article on it. so it merits a closer look !

  14. A pure motivational post! I never took Alexa Ranking that serious, but now something changed in my mind.

  15. Hi,
    Yes I was surprised too. I guess if you do things to improve the SEO then the Alexa ranking will also improve at the same time, but at laest it gives you a concrete figure to aim at.

  16. It was time to upgrade Alexa, I pass from 1877345 to 1398445 very good result, I gradually improved but I think the owner is changing the Alexa aglorimito why has pulled about three weeks to update.

    Good luck to all in the next update.



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