Buffalo buffalo Buffalo - the 8 x Buffalo sentence that makes sense

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Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

I love quirky stuff ! The above sentence actually makes sense. How ?

Well you need to know that 'Buffalo' means three different things :

  • Buffalo the animal

  • Buffalo the city

  • and Buffalo a verb meaning ‘to bully’.

The sentence in plain English therefore describes what the buffaloes in buffalo do to each other, namely ‘The buffaloes in Buffalo, that are bullied by buffaloes in Buffalo, also bully other buffaloes in Buffalo' !

For a more complete explanation check out the Wikipedia article


  1. Uff, too many buffalos. I found very curious your explanation about the different meanings of the Buffalo word. I didn’t know about that. Thanks

  2. Hi Kersson,
    Thanks for dropping by. I didn't know either unti I read the sentence somewhere else, even after reading the explanation it's still confusing, but it does work !


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