Chinese com Sells for 1.1 Million Dollars

Make Money Online sells for $1.1 Million Dollars

If you have any domain names you are considering selling then you will be interested to learn that the domain name, which at the moment is just a parked page with, has just been sold for 810,001 euros – i.e. $1,120,008 at today’s exchange rate.

That makes it the 5th highest sale reported so far in 2007 and the 6th one above 1 million dollars. Four six-figure sales were also completed, including the highest .info sale ever reported - at $116,000. was purchased by Jian Wang for $70,000 in a private sale. This is the third time has changed hands since January 2004 when it was sold for $28,086. In September 2006 it was re-sold, for $46,392. Now, it has risen to $70,000. Wang also bought in another private transaction, paying $30,000 for that name. Just over two years ago, was purchased on Ebay for just $3,272! So somebody got a good return on his/her investment ! just sold for $300,000. sold for $220,000 and for $160,000.

So if you’ve registered any good domain names lately you might want to consider turning them into cash.

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