City and Guilds Self-Made Millionaires in the UK and How they Did It

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If you’re not born rich and you want to become rich then you are going to have to do something to become rich (unless you strike it lucky of course – but even then you’ve still got to buy the ticket!), which means you’re going to have to work! You can try making money online and may may one day make it to the self-made millionaires' list. How long you will have to work for is up to you, but unavoidable it is.

In the UK of the 25 self-made millionaires on the City and Guilds Vocational Rich List, which they draw up every year to prove that it is possible for people who don't go to university to become very rich, only two started their careers with university degrees :- they are Sir James Dyson (no.3) and Sir Terry Matthews (no.4).

Many on the list started as engineers, mechanics and builders. The majority of those from humble backgrounds, took vocational training, such as workplace apprenticeships.

Others on the list include chefs, plumbers, hairdressers and fashion students.

Jim McColl, who operates Clyde Blowers, an engineering and chimney-sweeping business, is the highest ranked Scot at £435 million ($870 million). Other self-made Scots include Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United manager, who first worked as an apprentice welder at Govan Shipyard on Clydeside, and the chef Gordon Ramsay, who signed to play football for Glasgow Rangers at 15 before completing an HND course in hotel management.

The list was compiled by Philip Beresford, who said he was not surprised at the inclusion of so many people who did apprenticeships. “The apprenticeship is still very heavily rooted in Scotland. They don’t have the Eton and Oxbridge syndrome and they don’t have the Del boy get-rich-quick mentality (that’s a reference to Londoners or ‘suvverners’ in general for those of my readers who hail from foreign climes).

Scots are like Gordon Brown, they like to raise themselves by their own boot straps through hard work (haha bit of a generalization there Philip!).”

The Director-General of City & Guilds, said that the list seemed to indicate that the rest of the country needed to “wake up to the idea of work-related training!”.

Top of the list is John Caudwell. He founded the mobile phone chain Phones 4u and has amassed a personal fortune of £1.6 billion ($3.2 billion). His first job was as an engineering apprentice in Stoke-on-Trent, which is neither North nor South but round about the middle.

According to the study self-made millionaires from the North of England tend to come from industrial backgrounds whereas those in the South of England made their money from the City (stockmarket, banking) or property. That’s because southerners are well-known for being soft! – Ed.)

Another interesting point is that of the top 60 not one of them is involved in the world of telling people how to make money online blogging ! nor even an Internet entrepreneur or involved in computing/software. This would not be the case elsewhere in the world I feel.

Also no mention of J K Rowling, no Richard Branson and no Alan Sugar ! I thought this was a mistake, but then I read the methodology more carefully - "To be eligible for a place on the Vocational Rich List, each millionaire must have undertaken an apprenticeship or obtained a City & Guilds qualification at some point in their careers. "

So here is the list of the top 60 self-made millionaires as compiled by the City and Guilds and how they made their millions.

  1. John Caudwell £1.6bn Engineer. Founded Phones 4u
  2. Laurence Graff £1.5bn Jeweller. Shops in Europe and America
  3. Sir James Dyson £1.08bn Designer. Inventor of bagless vacuum cleaner
  4. Sir Terry Matthews £1.01bn Engineer. Telecoms industry billionaire
  5. Trevor Hemmings £980m Builder. Littlewoods Pools and Blackpool Tower owner
  6. Jim McColl £435m Founder, Jim McColl Associates, civil and structural engineers
  7. Stewart Milne £294m Electrician. One of UK's top homebuilders
  8. Peter Dawson £225m Engineer
  9. Sir David McMurtry £225m Engineer. Chairman and chief executive of Renishaw
  10. Jack Tordoff £210m Motor mechanic
  11. John Frieda £190m Hairdresser
  12. Kevin Linfoot £145m Carpenter
  13. Eric Clapton £140m Art
  14. Andrew Tinkler £135m Joiner
  15. John Deer £125m Engineer
  16. Mike Clare £120m Business studies
  17. George Moore £120m Joiner
  18. Robbie Cowling £105m Motor mechanic
  19. Larry Kinch £103m Engineer
  20. Dame Anita Roddick £102m Teacher
  21. Rodger Dudding £100m Naval engineer
  22. John Guest £95m Toolmaker
  23. John Muir £90m Joiner
  24. Stephen Spouge £89m Motor mechanic
  25. Kevin McDonald £82m Plumbing
  26. Bill Robertson £70m Joiner
  27. Paul Rowley £62m Bricklaying
  28. John Elliott £60m Electrical engineering
  29. William Haughey £50m Electrical engineering
  30. Gordon Ramsay £50m Catering
  31. Allan McKeown £50m Hairdressing
  32. Ben Brodie £45m Electrician
  33. Rick Nevinson £45m Electrical engineering
  34. Karen Millen £40m Fashion
  35. Jamie Oliver £40m Catering
  36. John Lancaster £36m Electrical engineering
  37. Billy Lowe £28m Printing
  38. Sir John Chisholm £26m Mechanic
  39. Lak Basran £25m Engineering
  40. James Milne £25m Agricultural engineer
  41. Roy Lunn £23m Engineering
  42. Alan Shearer £22m Football
  43. Frank Carter £20m Mechanic
  44. Billy Connolly £20m Welding
  45. Sir Alex Ferguson £20m Welding
  46. Alexander McQueen £20m Fashion
  47. Sam Russell £20m Engineering
  48. Ken Shaw £20m Engineering
  49. Charan Gill £16m Shipbuilding
  50. Robyn Jones £15m Catering
  51. Moir Lockhead £15m Engineering
  52. Stella McCartney £15m Fashion
  53. Delia Smith £15m Hairdressing
  54. Charles Worthington £15m Hairdressing
  55. Charlie Mullins £12m Plumbing
  56. Rolf Harris £10m Art
  57. Gary Rhodes £10m Catering
  58. Alan Titchmarsh £10m Horticulture
  59. Vivienne Westwood £10m Fashion
  60. Stephen Wicks £10m Electrician

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