How Much do French Bloggers Make from their Blogs ?

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Can you Make Money Online Blogging in France ?

Have you ever wondered whether you could make money online blogging in France, who the famous Frenchbloggers are and how much they earn. ?

Well, I came across this interesting post about French bloggers and how much they earn from their blogs written by SimpleEntrepreneur – Simple Entreprenur Earnings of French Bloggers – because I understand the lingo I have translated into English, as I thought other people may like to know how things are progressing in la Belle France.

In his post Mr SimpleEntrepreneur (Stéphane Thomas) points out that compared to the amounts made in the USA and elsewhere, by people such as Michael Arrington and Darren Rowse the French have a long way to go with regard to blog monetization, but as far as I can see that merely means that there is a vast untapped market out there.

He also points out that there have been a number of articles on the subject recently e.g. – Strategies – so it could be a sign that things are about to change. Certainly I shall be taking a closer look at the French blogging scene from now on.


With the help of those directly involved Mr SE has drawn up the following and very first list of blogs in French, with their earnings: (1 euro is about 1.4 dollars – so multiply all these earnings by 1.4)

.......................................,......RSS ...................Visitors .............Pages ........Amount
............................................June 2007 .........June 2007 .........June 2007 ...June 2007
Eric Dupin ..........................11 004 ................278 056 ............656 085 .......2 630€
Nicolas Chaunu .................4 329 ..................205 790 .............428 332 ......1 900€
Blog Web 2.0 et Marketing

Vincent Abry ......................650 ......................20 000 ..............40 000 ..........662€
Philippe Lagane ................5 000 ...................19 000 ................69 300 .......484€
Frédéric de Villamil

Frédéric de Villamil ...........761 .........................16 115 ...............59 870 ........280€
Benoit Descary

Benoit Descary ...................2 810 ....................22 522 .................39 042 ......120€
Simple Entrepreneur
Stéphane Thomas ..............2 457 ....................20 570 .................41 192........ 84€
Le techno-blogue à Steph!

Stéphane Guerin ................920........................ 8 621 ...................19 556 .......38€

Some bloggers he contacted did not want to disclose how much they made ! (Lol – I’m constantly surprised that anyone wants to disclose how much they earn, but it seems to be part and parcel of the blogging world that people let it all hang out (or else they make it all up !), but he says that the number 1 in the list ‘PresseCitron’ would not be number 1 if certain others had agreed to disclose of their earnings.

He points out that traffic is a determining factor when it comes to making money, (see my excellent post on the connection between Alexa ranking and earnings Alexa Ranking and Blogger Revenue ) However it is possible to diversify earnings streams like Blog Web 2.0 et Marketing who wrote several sponsored articles in June (which meant that he considerably increased his earnings, as they are usually around 80€ per month).

Sources of Revenue
Professional bloggers have, in fact, several systems available to them: contextual ads., sponsored links, sponsored articles, affiliate programs etc…

Some are very easy to implement or more profitable (per click, based on the number of ads. displayed , …). Payment frequency also needs to be taken into account (at the end of the month, after 90 days, …). You also need to assess the return from each and take care not to have so many ads. that you put readers off. (If you don’t have any readers it doesn’t matter, you can put up as many ads. as you like – Ed..)

You might also get yourself noticed by a specialised advertising company in this new communications vector, but to do that you need to get up to the top spots in the various current ranking systems such as Alianzo or Wikio (theymust be French ‘cause I’ve never heard of them –Ed.). It is difficult to assess the relevance of these rankings without knowing the exact criteria used to determine them, but advertisers use them so ….

He asked each blogger for tips. Frédéric de Villamil recommends focussing on niches with high added value, but he says to avoid any technological niches (video and audio players, IPhone, electronic gadgets, …) because there is far too much competition already (but he doesn’t say which niches he recommends !)

Vincent Abry says that the best solution is to be able to get direct deals with advertisers or to make use of advertising companies such as Adrider.

Ouriel Ohayon from (yes that Techcrunch – more money for Monsieur Arrington no doubt) considers that it is indirect fallout that can be very important, but not earnings (hmmm that sounds abit fishy to me) :

The problem with the French market compared to the US market is simple – the size of the potential audience, which makes direct monetization of a blog complex if you want to make it a main source of income. Apart from one or two exceptions (GénérationMP3, Le blog auto…), I don’t know anybody who lives from his/her blog in France. And I don’t think this will change any time soon. (I disagree – Ed. !)

And Stéphane Guerin says:

My earnings are obtained directly from clients that I get via my blog. So, you can live from your blog , not only from advertising but by using it as a marketing tool!

The most important thing Mr SE noted was that ‘content is king’ – where have we heard that before ? and also your community of readers. It is clear that you should not put adverts up as soon as you set up a new site. (Oops).

On the other hand, you need to very quickly get your self listed on search engines as traffic from them is an important element in any blog’s monetization strategy. Finally, if we are to judge by the earnings shown by some US bloggers you need to diversify your sources of revenue.
He nevertheless gets the impression that by creating two or three very targeted blogs and by choosing their theme with care, it should be possible to quickly generate enough money to live. But you need to work at it full-time and you need to be able to manage a blog’s whole production chain (he’s right there ! ) - design, development, writing, … The second solution which consists in starting a blog in your spare time unfortunately takes much more time.

He says he will carry on studying all these monetization tools and he will talk about the methods he uses in later articles. Simple Entrepreneur has had a space for advertisers for the last two months and he still doesn’t have time to make best use of it. A new ‘monetization’ category will no doubt soon see the light of day.

Finally I would like to thank all those bloggers who agreed to take part in this survey. Some of them are particularly accessible, even if they are considered to be influential bloggers. But that’s part of the magic of blogs …

So, how much do you make with your blog? Do you think it is really possible to become a professional blogger in France or in a French-speaking country ?

As we can see from this list the highest earner makes around $3,500 a month, although there are some earning more who did not wish to disclose their earnings.

Personally, (me the Old Vic) I agree that you need a niche and you need to find the high paying keywords that pay more per click. My other blog is a stockmarket/finance blog – Shares City – and it brings in more money than this one as I know more about the stockmarket than I do about blogging !

Any comments, opinions, observations are most welcome ! Take care.


  1. Nice translation
    but where's De Vito !

  2. Hi Vincent,
    Thanks. Unfortunately my web/blogging skills are rather limited so I was unable to copy the excellent table from the original, which is why mine looks such a mess.
    De Vito ? He's very small. :-)

  3. I read a similar post about bloggers around my region. Its amazing how people make a nice living out of blogging these days :)

  4. Hi

    First, French bloggers who actually live from their blogging refused to disclose their revenue (in France, telling how much you ear is BAD, and this is stupid). He did his article with the data he was given.

    Second, my goal here is not making money with my blog (otherwise I would post everyday aboud uninteresting but money making things). I just need to pay for my dedicated hosting.

    And no, I did not tell what niche people should use to monetize their blog. Maybe I should have done so. Maybe should I also have written the blogs posts and give them. Why not ?

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for dropping by. I just translated the article because I thought it might interest some people who don't speak French. My comments should not be taken seriously, particularly my comment about you not saying which niches are good, I was just being humorous.
    As for people not disclosing how much they make from their blogs, I am constantly amazed that people actually DO say what they make, why would they do it? I would have thought it was not a good idea in any country, but some people do it, and other people find it interesting, so that's the way it is I guess. I may do it myself one day if I ever make any money ! Take care, The Old Vic

  6. Ben,
    Do you have a link for that post ? Yes, basically if you're a paid blogger you're in the advertising business, like newspapers and TV channels.

  7. Hi Old Vic,

    Old Peter here. Just drop by to let you know I have responded to your comment in my post but unfortunately I can't remember which. This is because of the problem of getting email notification for comment moderation described in Bug in getting email notification for comment moderation. I didn't get notification for your comment, but found it in the Dashboard. Got the title of the post involve and pasted it in Notepad, approved it, tried to respond to it, but that process took I think more than a day. The page just froze and I couldn't copy what I had prepared and wasn't quite ready to retype the whole response again. So I just left the computer on and connect to the Internet and somehow finally got the response published. However, by that time, I don't know what happened to the Notepad file where I pasted the title of the post, so I can't put a link to it. I think it has something to you asking about Google analytic. You probably remember better which post you made the comment in.

    Old Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
    Earning Online

  8. Interesting, Vic.

    I'm gonna have to translate those links thru Babel Fish translator some day to see what those Frenchies are saying!

    Is that monthly earnings?

    Also, you know you can right click anywhere in my blog and choose "View Page Source" on a post where there's a table to see the HTML code if you need to emulate it.

    Happy Weekend,

  9. ben i would love a link to that post as well. I found a Great article full of lots of insight for information on promoting your website to have decent traffic before looking to capitalize off of it.

    Give your readers a site they like before charging them for it...

    Check out this post on generating more traffic to your site here

    BTW: WE want to see the picture of your with Danny D!

  10. Hi Karl,
    Good post on your site.
    Danny is keeping a low profile I'm afraid. :-)

  11. My site translated into 8 language. Including French. From my statistic, I notice that English pages give me more money than non-English pages. english pages have more 0.50% hit convertion (click on google adsense) other non english pages have below 0.50%

  12. Here's the link to the post. Maybe you guys have seen it before I don't know :)

  13. Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the link. Yes I've seen Paula's post before, it caused quite a stir - I even wrote my own post about Paula's post - - but there are probably a lot of people who haven't seen neither. Take care, Vic

  14. As an English guy living in France this is the first post/insight i've had into the blogging scene in France. I've delved a bit before but gave up as my French wasn't so good back then, maybe it's time to give it a second shot?

  15. Hi Chamonix (nice name by the way),

    The French blogging scene is interesting and I'll be having a closer look once I get my stuff back in order, we are having floods over here at the moment, as you may know. Personally though I would say, as you are English, if you want to make money from blogging then you would be far better advised to blog in English. The audience is far larger and it is probably easier to find monetization possibilities. You should have a look at Paula Mooney's list if you haven't seen it already - the link is in the comments above somewhere. Regards, The Old Vic

  16. Great Post!! As a new blogger, I really appreciate how the community is willing to take people under their wing and help them get started.

  17. Hi Spiff,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    The Old Vic

  18. Hey Paula,
    I thought I had published your comment a long time ago, then I discover for some reason it was still waiting to be published.
    Yes they were monthly earnings. Thanks for the info. about the table - as you can see I still haven't got round to doing it - we've been busy with floods over here ! I might put some pics up of my street. Vic

  19. Fantastic post. I guess blogging in France isn't out of the question ;)

  20. interesting article....wish i was earning that type of money....btw i added you to my techornati favs could return favour?
    id yeepage

  21. Hi Bryan,
    Yes not out of the question but if you blog in English the possibilities are still greater.

  22. Hi Simon,
    Earning money is not impossible but I think it does take time and persistence - check out my previous post -
    Get in touch again re. Technorati

  23. WTF!! I don't even make 10$ a month :(
    Sneezy Melon

  24. I'm surprised Sneezy - your blog looks pretty good.

  25. ^
    hmm...That's what I always tell everyone. yet, I got only 8 readers. neways, doesn't matter. BTW, I've recently started 2 blogs just for money earning purposes. you can see them through my blogger profile if you're interested and comment accordingly. They're named "Red Spinach" and "Bug The Bug". enough spamming..I really like this blog of yours-


  26. Hi Sneezy,
    Thanks for dropping by, glad to hear you like the blog - for money making bloggers have a look here - - they make far more than the French bloggers.

  27. Definitely a very informative and no doubt interesting post. I do agree that many people in different parts of the world have a long way to go. But I can say that I have made two big mistakes when coming into the blogosphere....

    I started up a "Make Money Online" site...(what was I thinking, I know!) and then I bought a tech, I guess I will just have to work extra hard...

    Once again, a great post!
    Kind Regards,
    Fabien of Small Fish Big Money

  28. hey! Why did you stop posting?

  29. Hi Sneezy,

    Thanks for the concern. I didn't really stop I just had a 'strategical policy and development review' inside my head and got a bit lazy. But somehow this blog got to be a PR4, so I started posting again (a bit now and again) - very haphazard and unprofessional. I see your Red Spinach is still going strong and still looks a lot better than my efforts ! :-)
    Free Tibet ! Chinee Go Home !


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