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Make Money Online - A Neat Blog with Free Widgets to Download !

After reading Paula Mooney’s list on how much money people make online – and drawing up a list of my own showing how many people use Wordpress and how many use Blogger and which is the better platform for makingmoney blogging for free – Show Me the Mooney – I decided it might be interesting to study some of the sites on the list to try and improve my own blog and see what I could learn. I contacted Maurizio at Nafurai which he told me comes from the Swahili word ‘nafurahi’ which means ‘happy’, in case you were wondering) and here is my ‘review’ of his site.

First impressions are of a very neat well-ordered Wordpress-powered blog (not like this one) which is easy to read and where the adverts are discreet and not overpowering. Maurizio seems to know what he wants and also how to get it. This is not surprising as he is a software engineer.

In an e-mail to me he said « I am not an expert in any field. I know a bit of everything even if I have strong skills in C#/.net , Java and PHP. I started to study Ruby (on Rails) for fun too. » Well, that sounds fine to me, particularly as I don’t understand any of it !

Nafurai is also not a blog about blogging, or a blog about how to make piles of money blogging. Maurizio says "This blog is meant to improve my writing skills and to write down some of the things I learn and I can’t use on my daily job. " This would explain why the number of ads. are kept to a minimum. He also told me that he wants to "Explain to non-techie people how to create content by creating small applications. Why non-techie people? Because they don't have the boundaries of any language. They just think about the idea first" which is good, because I’m sure there are lots of people like me stumbling around the blogosphere in a daze, knowing they are doing something wrong but not sure what it is. is very easy to navigate. There are five headings at the top, two of which link directly to useful tools Maurizio has developed that anyone can use.

  • The first is ‘Analytics Top 10 Creator’ a tool which tells you which of your posts are viewed most, which « takes your Google Analytics data and shows it in a simple html table

  • The second is ‘Technorati Favorites Tool’ – If you have exchanged a lot of Technorati favorites but you don’t know if you are getting the link back, you can find out here!

Maurizio says making money is not his primary objective for the blog, he just put some ads. up "as a test", his primary goal is increasing the number of readers. The greatest success he has had in increasing reader numbers so far has come from Stumbleupon, for one post he got more than 800 readers. He recommends using technological tags for Stumbleupon as these are the most popular with SU readers.

At the moment he is testing a new application he wrote in Java, to study how many people use Wordpress and how many use Blogger, he has so far examined around 112,000 sites. He has also developed an interesting script in PHP to increase his exposure.

Archives are kept neat and tidy and sorted into ‘Recent Posts’, ‘Categories’ and 'Archives’ (sorted by month). The good thing about Maurizio’s blog is that, because he is a ‘software engineer’ he can actually create useful stuff that people can use,


All in all Maurizio’s Nafurai is an excellent blog that contains useful tools and information for people like myself who know next to nothing about computers and programming and probably also for people who already know a fair amount about both. It actually has some useful tools you can download for free !

My personal preference, given that Maurizio is a CS Engineer, would be for more information/advice/tutorials and tools that duffers and/or beginners like myself can make use of. If there are a billion Internet users I would guess that 900 million of them struggle with the technical aspects of the Internet. I do believe that experts are best employed in their own particular areas of expertise, Maurizio has expert knowledge that I suspect the vast majority of people, even bloggers, using the Internet don’t have.

One particular area which currently is driving me crazy is Google analytics which I find incomprehensible (how about a post explaining how you set up Google analytics in words of one syllable Maurizio?). Also how to make best use of all the various sites like StumbleUpon, Delicious etc… (for example I think I managed to get myself blacklisted from StumbleUpon for unwittingly doing something not allowed by their rules !) I’m sure that there are many thousands of people on the Internet who could really benefit from Maurizio’s expert knowledge.

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  1. Maurizio has some great content, and he seems like a great guy and a kind person.

    Thanks for reminding me of his Google Analytics post, I'm headed back over there now!

    And thanks for the link love,


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