Plague of 2 billion Rats in China puts Ratatouille Banquet on the Menu

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A plague of Rats of Biblical Proportions in China - Ratatouille Banquet on the Menu

A ‘plague’ of an estimated 2 billion rats is invading central China, displaced by floods, which are also of biblical proportions. But the Chinese are nothing if not resourceful so instead of exterminating them they are catching them and shipping them south where the restaurants transform them into ratatouille "Guangzhou people are rich and like to eat exotic things, so business is very good,'' said one vendor.

Buyers are offering 6 yuan (9c) a kilo, but they won’t say where they will sell the rats. The villagers also must catch the rats live, dead rats are no good.

One villager said "there is no problem. We could catch 150 kilos of rats in one night .. .but we will not do this against our conscience''. What is the problem of conscience we wonder ?

Some restaurants in Guangdong are serving "rat banquets'', charging 136 yuan ($20.70) per kg of rat meat, which is about 22 times what they cost initially. A whole new meaning to ratatouille !

The rats have been a problem for a long time and have already destroyed 1.6 million hectares of crops and could spread disease. So best just to eat them!

The lack of snakes and owls, a traditional Chinese medicine, is held to be partly responsible. Stop eating the snakes !

Scientists have also said China's massive Three Gorges Dam project and climate change is contributory factors, forcing the rats onto dry land.


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