Second Life Virtual Intimate Bed Copyright Scandal !

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Second Life Virtual Intimate Bed Copyright Scandal

I'm being choosy with my words here because I know Adsense is very particular and censorious about what bloggers who use Adsense actually type into their blogs!

Incredible but true : a bed in which users of the virtual world Second Life can get intimate (you didn't know they could ? - shame on you, you should get out more!) is the subject of the the first known virtual copyright case.

A businessman who sells the bed on Second Life is suing another gentleman, in the real world, for copying his creation even though the bed is not real (well video games are hardly real either).

Second Life has just under 8 million residents and many entrepreneurs make a living selling virtual goods (I gues it's about time I got a Second Life identity).

"If it's been created then someone has rights to it," Mark Owen, a partner at the law firm Harbottle & Lewis, said, adding that there are numerous instances of copyright cases relating to software, such as computer games (that's what I said too

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