Teenager Gets $88,000 in Package from eBay

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Teenager gets $88,000 cash surprise through eBay

A teenager in Norfolk (that's in the UK) bought a PlayStation 2 on eBay for £95. He was surprised to discover the two games he had ordered with it were missing. But in their place he found a wad of €65,400 in cash (approx. $88,000).

Being an honest sort of chap, like most peole in Norfolk, he told his parents, who then handed the money to the police, perhaps just as well as the guy who had sent the cash knew where they lived ! Detectives are investigating to discover if the money may be the proceeds of a crime.

The Sony PS2 console appears to have been supplied by a British seller. The money will be returned to its rightful owner unless it is found to be the proceeds of crime in which case the courts will be able to seize it for public funds. If ownership cannot be proved then the teenager and his family might get to keep it under the "Police Property Act".

The box containing the PlayStation appeared to "slightly undone" when the boy received it, said an officer.

"To say that he was surprised is a bit of an understatement. ..... the games were missing and he got this money instead. His parents were immediately worried about where it had come from and contacted us. With that amount of money arriving in the post there are concerns that it might have involved criminal activity."

Contrary to what some may believe it is not a publicity stunt by eBay to revive their continued fall in the number of listings, down another 6%, as a result of their messing with the site. EBay in fact said : "…. we will assist with any inquiries the police may wish to make."

Let's hope they also do something to make the site a better place to buy stuff, like scrapping listing fees for stuf that doesn't sell !

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