Use eBay to Increase Traffic to Your Website/Blog

Make Money Online for Beginners

Use eBay to Increase Traffic to Your Website/Blog

If you re trying to make money online blogging there is a very easy tip for increasing website/blog traffic by using the free advertising available on eBay.

It may seem obvious to seasoned eBay users but it was not something that had occurred to me.

You just need to make use of your 'About Me' page. If you have ever been on eBay you will see that some sellers have a ME logo next to their name, for example this fellow

if you click on it it diplays information about ME including links to MY favourite websites.

It is an excellent way to promote your site on eBay. It doesn’t break any eBay rules to link to your site from an About Me page, and you can even have an opt-in form if you have a newsletter.

If you don't have an eBay account, then sign up for one, it's free. It also feels good to get free advertising out of eBay for a change !

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