Beware Infected PDF Files in E-mail Spam

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Beware Infected PDF Files in E-mail Spam

For the full article see here : ZDNet

Be extra vigilant about e-mails you receive which contain PDF attachments.

Messagelabs reported on Tuesday that PDFs made up 20% of image-based spam in July, up 10 % from June and it believes spammers are using the PDF format because it more easily bypasses antivirus and anti-spam filters, and that users tend to trust the authenticity of a PDF.

The malware is not actually in the PDF but in the web links within the document. A victim would have to click on a link within the PDF to become infected.

You have been warned ! Take care and have a nice day.

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  1. Thank you very much for the warning. Until now, i didn't pay attention so much on this thing.


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