Google to Make Money from Youtube Videos

Make Money Online for Beginners

Google to Make Money from Youtube Videos

If you are interested in making money online then today’s statement by Google should be of interest, as it will probably open up the way for people to make money from youtube video clips.

Google has come up with a format for showing ads. on Youtube. Advertisers will include Warner Music Group Corp., Twentieth Century Fox, and BMW Google said today.

Google has already got a pile of money but it looks set to get another pile (buy shares in Google ?) Visitors watched 1.8 billion clips on youtube in May alone, which represents 22%t of videos watched in the U.S..

Back in March Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that discovering how to sell ads on YouTube was this year’s ``big project''

Ads will appear in a semi-transparent strip on the bottom fifth of the video screen, but not on all the videos. They will start 15 seconds after the video has started, as people don’t like waiting for ads to finish before the video starts and often close the video if they have to wait. This way they don’t have to wait but they still see the ad. Google spent three months testing the format and found this was the least disruptive.

Users can close the ad. if they like or if they are really masochistic they can click on it to see the whole thing!. Most people just let it run. Ads will be displayed on music videos and on some user-generated content.

Google claims the new advertising model is 5 - 10 times more effective than other advertising formats on youtube.

Investors were worried that Google had thrown away $1.65 billion when it bought youtube, but it seems that maybe Google knew what they were doing after all.

“We have tried a lot of formats [and this is] the most interesting and the most respectful of the user community,” said Google’s director of media platforms, Eileen Naughton.

Initially the new format will be restricted to “partner” sections of the site, sponsored by advertisers or professional content providers.

But eventually it will be rolled out to the whole of the site.

I predict more money coming into Google’s coffers and more Internet users devising ways of making money from youtube videos!

So if making money online appeals to you then this may be the right time to start investigating youtube seriously.

Maybe bloggers will be able to get a cut by showing other people's youtube clips on their blog?

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