How to Block- Preview Adsense Ads. on Your Blog or Website

Make Money Online Using Adsense

How to Block-Preview Adsense Ads. on Your Blog or Website

If you are trying to make money online using Adsense ads. installed on your website or your blog, it goes without saying that you are not allowed to click on them yourself. You may, however, be itching with curiosity to see just what it is you are advertising, or on the other hand you may wish to block certain ads. if you don’t like them or if you think the amount paid per click is a bit on the low side.

Fortunately, Google have thought of all this and they provide an AdSense Preview tool to let you see what ads are, or may be, displayed on your website or blog.

This Preview tool displays the ads. in a preview box and lets you click on the previews to see where they go.

There are also options to allow you to view previews of formats and colour combinations or choose between 2 different preview formats, or a box with 12 ads. at once.

The Colour 'Preview' feature lets you see what new colour combinations would look like on your page. You can select a new border, background, or text colours and these will be temporarily applied to your page, so you can see what the ads. would look like

You can also select ‘geo-targeted location’ to let you see which ads. people in other countries see on your site.

If you see some ads. you don’t like, the Adsense preview tool also lets you display their destination URL of the ads. so that you can block them if you so choose. You may think, for example, that they are advertising something you object to, or you may have discovered that the amount paid per click for a particular ad. is not very gratifying.

Installing the Preview Tool is very easy. To install it you need to go here Adsense Preview Tool read the information and follow the instructions.

Competitive Ad Filter

As mentioned above, Google AdSense also lets you block specific ads.

If you want to block a specific ad. you first need to find its destination URL. To do this you must download the Adsense Preview tool from Google (see above).

Once you have downloaded this tool, go to the blog page or website page which contains the ads. you want to filter.

When you are on the page in question just right-click anywhere on a blank part of the page. A pop-up menu will appear and if you have downloaded the Adsense Preview tool correctly you will see Adsense Preview in the list.

Click on Adsense Preview.

A list of ads. will be displayed. Check the box next to the ad. you want to block and click ‘Show Selected URLs’. The URL will be displayed.

Copy the URL and paste it into the ‘competitive ad filter box’ in your Adsense publisher account and click on Save Changes. (To find the Competitive Ad Filter box, go to your Adsense account, click on 'Adsense setup' then on 'Competitive ad filter').

Allow up to 4 hours for the ads you have chosen to be filtered.

Generally, when filtering URLs it is better to leave the 'www' off in your filter list, as this ensures broader filtering, by which I presume Google means it will filter a site with or without the www.

You can now filter ads. as and when you see fit !

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  3. I often think that I want to click on my adsense ads, when I am looking at my site. However I never do because I don't want to violate adsense TOS. This preview adsense ads is a great idea!

  4. Yes, very useful, it is sometimes a good idea too to block ads. that don't suit your blog or that don't bring in much dosh.


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