Malware Attacks on Parked Domain Names

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Malware Attacks on Parked Domain Names

A parked domain is one way of making money online, for those who don't know, is a domain name that is not being used by the owner, but is being parked free of charge with a parking company. Ads. are placed on the home page and the owner and the parking company receive a payment each time someone clicks on one of the ads. To see just how big this business is see my earlier post You Wanna Be a Domain Name Millionaire ?

Parked domains are apparently being targeted by malware authors intent on 'world domination' i.e. they want to create a network of compromised 'zombie machines'

The parked domain targeted was NameDrive, which is, although I didn't know it (I must admit I don't know everything), one of the top 200 websites in the world. Around 100 domains were pointed to an "ad server" containing Trojan downloader malware.

Due to the fact that this malware ad server was one step removed from the common pattern, the attacks, which started in June have only recently been detected, the majority of the domains are .de or .nl domains.

NameDrive is working with ScanSafe to discover the exact mechanism of the attack, which is still being investigated.

Delivering malware via infected ads is not new but using parked domains appears to be a new development.

This a bit disturbing and you have to wonder how it is done. It also needs to be sorted out, as the implications for the advertising industry are quite enormous. If you can pick up a trojan by clicking on an innocuous ad.for life insurance or whatever, then advertising is in big trouble.


  1. Thats a darn shame! I had no idea this happened. Luckily I wasn't with namedrive but I used to be until I realized I wasn't making any money with my domains parked because they were crappy so I decided to create content and put useful information on them. One of my favorites being How to get off email blacklists which has been dugg a bit, but other than that I am only still making pennies off of adsense. Maybe I shall go back to namedrive, Not!!

  2. Thanks for the comment, I never even realized there were such things as e-mail blacklists. Money from parking is certainly a slow business unless you get lucky. I think the big money in domain names is still in re-selling them or in spotting a trend. For example someone just sold poker.in for US$60,000 - this is the biggest .in sale so far and I think .in domains could represent a good investment for the future. The person who sold poker.in had had it for two years before selling it, he thinks he sold it a bit cheap for such an important generic name, but he also needed the money.


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