Man Killed by Fila Brasiliero Mastiffs at Ving Rhames Home

Fila Brasiliero Mastiffs (Brazilian Mastiffs) did NOT Kill Man at Ving Rhames Home

[UPDATE : I posted the original article about Ving Rhames' Fila Brasileiro Mastiff's almost two years ago based on newspaper and media reports - it turns out however that the dogs were not responsible for Mr. Adams' death - Mr. Jacob Adams died of a hear attack and the dogs may even have been trying to help Mr. Adams - unfortunately the coroner's report did not get the same media prominence as the original event so I missed it and I suspect a lot of other people missed it too. I thank one of my readers for bringing it to my attention.

Here is the coroner's report.

"VING RHAMES’ DOGS CLEARED BY CORONER: Five month investigation concludes actor’s caretaker died of a bad ticker.(January 21, 2008)
Fila Brasileiro MastiffThe coroner’s report has found that Ving Rhames’ caretaker died of a preexisting heart problem, and not from dog bites found on his body following an August incident at the actor’s home, reports People magazine.

Los Angeles Department of Coroner spokesman Ed Winter concluded that Rhames’s “dogs didn’t kill Mr. Adams. The dog bites found on him were determined to be non-fatal.”
The caretaker, Jacob Adams, 40, was found dead on the front lawn of Rhames’ Brentwood home on Aug. 3. Initial reports suggested that the actor’s four dogs – three mastiffs and one bulldog – had bitten Adams to death. The notion had been supported by Capt. Matt Blake of the LAPD, who said upon discovery of the body that Adams was “definitely mauled” by the dogs, however, “there [was] no solid evidence that they were the cause of death.”
Rhames, who was filming a movie in Bulgaria at the time, released a statement two weeks later describing the incident as a “shocking and terrible tragedy.” His dogs, which were initially quarantined by officials, have since been returned to the actor. "


  1. This happened over a year ago and the found the man had a heart attack and was not mauled by the dogs. The dogs drug him to the gate for help. Also you need to learn your mastiff breeds as the picture is an english mastiff not a Fila. Ving owned one English Mastiff the rest were Filas. But your story about Fila you should have a picture of one.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the information. I have updated the post, unfortunately I can't update the URL. I posted the original post at the time of the event and then heard no more about it, thanks for putting me straight. I got the original picture from a site in the belief that it was correct, I have taken this one from Wikipedia and I hope it really is a Fila Brasileiro.


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